Improve Your Digestive Health

digestive health

Have you ever woke up in the morning with that ‘oh my god feeling’ or looked in the mirror only to see you're bad complexion looking back at you?

Or maybe you're always suffering from acid reflux after drinking coffee, embarrassing gas in public or you put on weight for no reason at all.

We often put these symptoms down to circumstances we think are out of our control such as  a hectic lifestyle, too much stress  or 'getting old’.

But what if you realised these circumstances are very much in your control?

Imagine if you could reverse these digestive problems and become the person you use to be, one with lots of energy, clear skin and a consistent healthy weight.

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Actually, the symptoms I've just mentioned aren't uncommon - in fact, most of us - suffer from some degree of poor digestive health.

If you're already thinking about yogurt commercials with skinny models dancing to a workout rap, don’t worry– this has nothing to do with shaking your belly up.

This is about re-balancing your digestive system so that it can function at its most optimal level. When you've achieved this your body is much more effective at eliminating toxins and impurities which are the instigators of infection and disease.

The fact is, a clean healthy digestive system will have an amazing effect on your physical and emotional health. You'll have more energy and confidence to deal with daily challenges more calmly and positively.

You may already be convinced that your daily dietary fiber supplement or probiotic yogurt is enough to protect your digestion and keep you regular.

However, being regular is not a sign of a healthy digestive system and trying to stick to a daily ritual of supplements and yogurt isn't easy with the hectic lifestyles we now lead.

Are Probiotics The Answer To Better Digestive Health?

Over the last few years we've been bombarded with advertising telling us that probiotics are the answer to our digestive health.

However, it turns out that prebiotics and not probiotics are the key to our digestive health. Medical research has uncovered that prebiotics create the right environment for your digestive tract to absorb more nutrients and vitamins.

What's more, they play a helpful role in strengthening your cardiovascular health, reducing allergic and inflammatory reactions and most importantly - boosting your immune system.

Unlike prebiotics, probiotics are manmade - they don't occur in nature. Actually, probiotics describes the process of creating microflora (good bacteria) through fermentation.

These manufactured probiotics are introduced into food sources such as yoghurt. Although the theory behind probiotics is a sound one there are no clear guidelines on what dosage amounts are safe. For all we know, we could be taking more than is actually good for us or not enough to benefit us.

There's also increasing evidence that questions the validity of probiotics. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recently rejected as many as 180 health benefit claims made by different brands of probiotic products.

The EFSA concluded, that many of the probiotic products did not deliver on the health benefits they were claiming. There was simply not enough evidence to back their claims up.

Prebiotics help to build your own friendly bacteria so you don't have to keep topping them up.

This enables your friendly bacteria to compete more effectively with the bad bacteria and take back control.

You instantly feel better because the aggressive spread of harmful bacteria and the damage they cause is stopped dead in its tracks. Even, the nasty bugs S. Aureus and E-coli have no chance of surviving within this gut environment.

In contrast, naturally forming prebiotics take a more effective approach to restoring balance. They stimulate  your digestive tract to produce its own probiotics. These natural strains are stronger, more stable and can recolonize your gut more rapidly.

So How Do Prebiotics Work Their Magic?

To find the answer, we need to return to nature and the humble kiwifruit. The little kiwi is renowned for punching above its weight in terms of its nutritional value.

The kiwifruit has twice the amount of vitamin C as an orange and more potassium than a banana. kiwifruit

The fruit also contains magnesium a mineral important for stimulating the peristaltic contractions of  your gut to ensure  healthy regular bowel movements.

However, its the skin of the kiwifruit that holds the key to better digestive health.

As well as a rich source of prebiotics, the skin also contains phenolic compounds. These bio-actives are potent antioxidants and they work along side prebiotics to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in your gut.

When your system isn't strained by fighting off these nasty bugs its more effective at breaking down foods and moving them through your system. This prevents the build up of putrefying waste in your colon.

Constipation: Modern Societies Curse

Constipation is the curse of modern society and is a common example of how the build up of waste can lead to serious digestive problems.

The longer waste matter stays in your system the greater risk of absorbing toxins into the blood stream and infecting the cells and vital organs of the body.

As the toxins build up they can trigger:

  • fatigue
  • mood swings
  • aching joints

As the weakened walls of the colon begin to balloon chronic digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis and Crohns disease develop.

If that wasn't enough, the kiwifruit is high in soluble fiber which plays an important role in controlling cholesterol, blood sugar and improving bowel function.

The kiwifruit is also a rich source of natural digestive enzymes which are essential for breaking down the food we eat and converting into them into chemicals that can be absorbed and utilised by your body.

A Balanced Digestion Lays The Foundation For Your Health

A healthy digestive system is the foundation for both your physical and emotional health. When your balanced you will function more effectively.

Your immune system becomes stronger making you less prone to flu’s, colds and food poisoning. Your digestive tract absorbs essential nutrients from your diet and vitamin supplements more effectively.

Like a well oiled machine your digestive system moves wasted matter through your intestines at a faster rate – giving it no time to build up, fester and become toxic.

As your digestive health begins to rebalance itself you can also begin to experience these positive results:

  • Increased energy
  • Regular bowel movements
  • Fresh breath
  • Softer clearer skin
  • Reduced body order
  • No more embarrassing flatulence

Note - These are just a few of many benefits you could experience.

 It’s Just A Matter Of Eating Lots Of Kiwifruit... Right?

If all these benefits are obtained from eating a few kiwifruit, does this mean you should? - As with most things in life - it isn’t as simple as that.

Trouble is, you would need to be eating 2 to 4 kiwifruit to obtain the benefits of the the fiber - that also includes the skin - every day.

That's up to 28 pieces of fruit each week. You can imagine how much your grocery bill would be,  especially with the cost of fruit these days.

What's more, the kiwifruit you find in your local store aren't picked ripe. This is important, because the fruits enzymes haven't been allowed to fully develop on the stem, making them less potent.

As I mentioned earlier, many of the health promoting properties are contained within the skin of the kiwifruit - I don’t know about you - but have you ever tried eating the skin? It’s not very appetizing!

A Simpler Way To Re-balance Your Digestion

Fortunately, we've found a natural digestive health supplement that gives you the nutritional benefits of the kiwifruits skin without its taste and its name is Kiwi Klenz.

We realise there are already different kiwi based supplements on the market, however - Kiwi Klenz is different - in a several ways.

Before we choose a supplement we always check how they're are produced. Many manufacturers use high temperature processes that can actually destroy the fruits enzymes.

In contrast, Kiwi Klenz is produced using a cold water extraction process called AquaPure®.

With this exclusive process the kiwi's essential enzymes, prebiotics, phenolic compounds and soluble fibre are not destroyed.

All the natural goodness is preserved, making this a very potent prebiotic digestive health supplement that can deliver results in a matter of days.

What's more, Kiwi Klenz is produced by a company with a renowned reputation for quality and excellence. The company is called Xtend Life who are based in New Zealand.

Xtend Life take pride in the fact that they don't use any chemicals, pesticides or toxic solvents during the manufacturing process - which cannot be said of many of Xtend Life's competitors.

Its also good to know the company take into consideration the environment as the kiwifruits selected for Kiwi Klenz are sourced from sustainable and local fruit growers.

Many supplement companies still use animal gelatine to make their their capsules. Not Kiwi Klenz- its capsules are made  from vegetable gelatin, so vegans can use it too.

In our opinion,Kiwi Klenz is the most natural and effective digestive health supplement on the market that is helping people rebalance their digestive system.

Doesn't Psyllium Fiber Do Exactly The Same Thing?

There's no doubt about it, fibre is essential for good digestion and many digestive supplements are fortified with psyllium husks to help relieve constipation.

However, the way Kiwi Klenz is manufactured means it has much higher levels of soluble fibre than psyllium husks. The higher concentrations of fiber can deliver benefits with just one capsule a day.

Initially you might feel a little unsettled. Actually, this is a good sign that Kiwi Klenz is working on your system. Once its rebalanced with micro-flora it will pass quickly.

In no time you'll begin to feel lighter, your skin will become clearer and softer, your body odour will decrease and your immune system will become stronger.

So, what have you got to lose? – it even comes with a 12 month guarantee which is a very good indication of quality and the level of confidence Xtend Life have in their product.

But don't take my word for it – find out for yourself. Extensive research has gone into this 100% natural digestive prebiotic supplement - and you can find it all on Xtend Life's website.

Ask any questions you may have about the digestive health benefits of Kiwi Klenz and start enjoying a new life free from embarrassing wind, constipation, heartburn and gut infections with only one easy to swallow capsule a day.