About Us

The ultimate goal of the Digestive Health Guide is to be an information resource that provides you with the most up to date, unbiased and quality information on digestive health issues, developments, natural products and remedies.

We believe that acquiring knowledge and a better understanding of how your digestive system works puts you in a stronger position to make better decisions and choices about your health and the health of your loved ones.

Hi my name is Sean and I’m the editor in chief of the Digestive Health Guide.

I’m not the only one here as I have my own team of writers who, from time to time, share their own knowledge, opinions and experiences about natural health issues.

Why I Started This Site

I started this site shortly after I recovered from an illness that put me out of action for 7 months. Up until then I never had any serious health issues or really paid much attention to my health although I was heavily constipated when I was young.

During those 7 months I went for numerous check-ups and blood tests. All the doctors could tell me was that I had low a white cell count – (I was fighting some sort of infection but they couldn’t tell me why), that I was under stress and should take a rest.

Although I’ve great respect for doctors and the amount they work they do, this lack of a clear answer didn’t fill me with confidence. I also felt I was really on my own.

I’ve got to say this period of illness really scared me, it also brought home to me my own sense of mortality.

As a man heading into his forties and a father of two very young kids I began to think seriously about their future and what would happen if I wasn’t around any more?

These thoughts spurned me into action and I began researching anything and everything about natural health and in particular the workings of our digestive system.

Please feel free to subscribe to my concise  Digestive Health Report Series which contains valuable information on  the workings of your digestive system, the causes of so many digestive disorders and diseases and the natural solutions you can apply to help rebalance and supercharge your digestive health.

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What I learned and experimented with I also applied to my own life.

After lots of experimentation I completely changed my diet from a processed one to a more natural one. I also experimented with many natural supplements and the ones I recommend here have also helped to improve my health.

I also rediscovered the freedom of running outdoors which has helped me keep up with my energetic kids.

I must admit, I still have my weaknesses and there are times when I give into the occasional chocolate bar and coffee – I’m only human I guess.

To cut a long story short,  I feel better physically and mentally than I have ever done years. I put this down to what I’ve learned and applied to my life and I’m now sharing this with you on my site.

Look, I don’t consider myself an expert, I’m not a doctor or have fancy initials at the end of my name, or neither do I pretend to be one. So, none of the information on this site should be taken as medical advice, because it isn’t.

But I know you already know that.

All I am is an ordinary guy who’s passionate about natural health, who’s sharing his experiences, knowledge and opinions with you.

The greatest gift we all have is our health and we only have one life, there’s no dress rehearsal and that makes our health and our time very precious.

What you do with yours is up to you, but I hope at least, the Digestive Health Guide helps and inspires you to improve your health for you and your loved ones.

Thank you for visiting and stay healthy my friend.

Sean Loughlin