Acidophilus Pills

You’re probably realizing your health and the health of your loved ones depends on a balanced digestive system.

You may have heard from friends or read somewhere in a magazine that taking acidophilus pills can boost your digestive health.

But can they?

In this article you’re going to find out the truth about Acidophilus supplements.

The Importance Of A Balanced Digestive System

Growing medical evidence and increased recognition among the top medical and biological experts, points to the fact that many of our illnesses’s and diseases – from the common cold to cancer – originate from a faulty digestion.

The digestive tract is the gateway to your inner body, jealously guarded by an army of immune cells, kept healthy by a fragile balance of billions of microflora.

However, not all bacteria are good. There are bad ones too that can cause digestive problems including diarrhea, Candida, constipation, vaginal thrush and excessive gas.

Fortunately, L. Acidophilus or to give its full name Lactobacillus Acidophilus, is one of the good guys.

They’re often referred to as friendly or beneficial bacteria and their central role is to support and protect your digestive system. They also have many other health benefits, but we’ll get back to that a later on.

In the meantime, lets understand why we need these friendly bugs.

Why You Need Friendly Bacteria

There are over 400 hundred strains of bacteria living in your digestive tract. The good bacteria – your intestinal flora – act as the first line of defence against the harmful bacteria and disease causing pathogenic microbes.

As well as protection these beneficial bacteria, along with enzymes, break down proteins, carbohydrates and fats from food and convert them into vital nutrients your body can absorb.

Did you know there are certain strains of friendly bacteria that can even create vitamins?

These vitamins include many of the B complex family of vitamins including vitamin A and K. Your friendly bacterial flora also help to breakdown hard to digest fibers that enable good bowel movements.

Here’s a list of friendly bacteria benefits:

  • Fight off infections and viruses
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Reduce inflammation of the digestive tract
  • Reduce allergic reactions

Unfortunately, most people’s digestive system are unbalanced.

Modern living, processed foods, alcohol, smoking and a lack of exercise all combine to erode the fragile balance of good bacteria in your gut.

The signs of a bacteria imbalance are subtle at first. They can be begin with a little indigestion, gas and bloating.

But once bad bacteria take hold and overrun your intestinal tract they can cause lower urinary tract infections and long term digestive disorders including colitis, irritable bowel syndrome and many others.

Can Acidophilus Pills Help You

Although your body creates its own ‘resident trains’of Lactobacillus acidophilus,there will be times when you’ll need outside help.

For example, a diet of processed foods makes your digestion sluggish, foods remaining too long in your colon eventually turn toxic and feed the bad bacteria to spread and multiply.

Your good bacteria can also be killed off  if your taking antibiotics to treat an infection.

Antibiotics often create a vicious circle because with less good bacteria you’re more susceptible to tract infections.

For this reason, its wise to replenish bacteria lost to antibiotic medications.

The most common way of boosting your gut bacteria is by taking probiotics in food or supplements such as acidophilus tablets.

Probiotics are bacterial strains with similar characteristics to our own gut flora. Probiotics are cultivated through a  fermentation process and these live cultures are added to dairy products such as yoghurt.

In contrast, the probiotics used in acidophilus capsules are frozen and the theory is these probiotics will come back to life when they enter your digestive tract.

In particular, supplements containing the strain l. acidophilus promote the growth of other good bacterial strains including bifidobacteria.

Acidophilus probiotics also play a vital role in stopping the growth of yeast infections such as Candida Albicans, which is one of the reasons why some people never get better.

A Word Of Warning About Acidophilus Probiotics

There’s no doubt about it, probiotic supplements and yogurts have become hugely popular.

In fact, the last 10 years has seen the probiotic market grow into a multi-billion industry.

However, the science behind probiotics is still in the early stages. There’s no concrete scientific evidence that probiotics benefit the digestive system.

Although this hasn’t stopped many companies that produce probiotic products to claim they can nearly cure everything under the sun.

Many of these companies have had their wrists slapped because their health claims could not be supported with scientific proof.

Currently, the FDA have not approved products containing Lactobacillus acidophilus and probiotics as a treatment for digestive diseases or an alternative to prescription medications.

Furthermore, the FDA have yet to evaluate the L. acidophilus strain for purity and effectiveness in treating digestive orders.

Recently the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), following extensive studies into various health claims made by probiotic companies, found a lack of evidence to support the view that probiotics can help digestion related problems.

The EFSA also rejected 180 probiotic health claims that could not be properly substantiated.

If you’re going to consider taking Lactobacillus acidophilus tablets contact your doctor first, especially if you’re on any medication or pregnantIf you experience any side effects after taking acidophilus pills, contact your doctor immediately.

When choosing acidophilus supplements make sure there good quality and from a well known, established brand.

Preferably buy supplements that have been stored in cool conditions as heat destroys acidophilus bacteria.

Another issue with probiotic supplements is the bacteria must be kept alive if they are to benefit your digestive system. Before the bacteria can reach the intestinal tract they need to survive the highly acidic environment of your stomach.

For those that do survive the journey will have to compete with the resident bacteria for food and defend themselves from harmful bacteria trying to destroy them.

The truth is, introducing bacteria from the outside has a limited effect. Most probiotic strains pass through your system which means you have to keep topping them up.

Instead, boosting the good bacteria already in the digestive tract with prebiotics is a far more effective approach.

You see, your resident bacteria are far more effective at fighting off harmful pathogens because they can multiply and colonize the digestive tract.

Prebiotics Offer What Probiotics Should Do

The important thing to remember is that probiotics aren’t created in nature, they’re man-made. If they’re aren’t prepared properly they can either be ineffective or even dangerous. In contrast, prebiotics are completely natural.

Although they sound similar, prebiotics are not the same as probiotics. Prebiotics are carbohydrate fibres that are found in fruits,vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

Prebiotics have many digestive health qualities that have proven to increase immune performance, improve nutritional and mineral absorption and reduce the risk of allergies.

In addition, prebiotics benefit your digestive system because they create the optimum environment for your friendly bacteria to grow and thrive.

You see, certain prebiotic fibers ferment in your large intestine (colon) and this fermentation process creates food for the beneficial bacterial flora to feed on.

Natures Own Rich Source Of Prebiotics

One of the most nutritious fruits you can eat is the kiwifruit. Not only is this ‘superfood’ high in vitamin C, potassium and prebiotics its also a rich source of digestive health boosting enzymes, fiber and potent anti-oxidants called phenolic compounds.

While prebiotics feed and promote the growth of your good bacteria, phenolic compounds get to work on killing and inhibiting the growth of bacterial nasties including  S. Aureus and E. coli.

With these two nutrients your digestive system has the best foundation to remain balanced and disease free.

The only problem is that the highest concentration of prebiotics are contained within the skin of the kiwifruit, which for many people is inedible.

In order to get the full prebiotic and phenolic benefits you would need to eat between 4 to 6 fresh kiwifruit everyday.

Lets be honest, even the most dedicated health enthusiast would soon get bored having to eat that amount of fruit and skin everyday.  There’s also the cost to consider – buying fresh organic fruit is expensive.

You have the alternative of taking dried kiwifruit powder however, these are mostly full of ordinary fiber and are low in prebiotics, phenolic’s and enzymes.

Fortunately, there’s a more convenient and cost effective way to obtain these important prebiotics and phenolics.

The Natural Solution To Improving Your Digestive Health

We found the answer in Kiwi Klenz, a natural digestive supplement made from freshly harvested premium kiwifruit.

You see, most prebiotic supplements only contain dietary fibers which are great for your bowel movements, but that alone will not balance your digestive system.

Thankfully, Kiwi Klenz is different. It’s the only prebiotic supplement that contains the whole kiwifruit, the flesh, pulp, seeds and of course the prebiotic and phenolic rich outer skin.

This ensures high concentrations of these vital nutrients and to emphasis this fact, laboratory results on Kiwi Klenz’s show the impact on two of the most notorious disease causing pathogens E.coli and S. Aureus, by eliminating them.

Kiwi Klenz is produced exclusively through Xtend Life, a family run business renowned for their quality products and effective results.

One reason why they consistently achieve high standards is in the organic and patented processing system they use to preserve the fragile but vital fruits digestive enzymes (essential for vitamin production and efficient absorption).

Contrast this with the majority of prebiotic supplements that are processed using high temperatures which destroys the fruits delicate enzymes.

If you’re experiencing digestive problems, then give Kiwi Klenz a test run. Its highly concentrated so you only need to take one easy to swallow capsule a day –  making it a very economical option.

What’s more, Xtend Life are very confident that Kiwi Klenz can work for you that they offer an amazing 1 year full money back guarantee – so there are no worries about wasting your money.

Check out the benefits of Kiwi Klenz today and make a fresh start with digestive health, more energy and vitality.

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