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Are Activia Probiotics Any Good?

Activia Probiotic Health Claims

According to the NY Daily Times;

EFSA maintains that the science behind such claims is flimsy at best and had rejected 260 out of 300 probiotic health claim submissions as of last November.

Nor is the US Food and Drug Administration convinced that probiotics carry scientifically proven health benefits, treading carefully around the subject.

In 2008, the US arm of of the company, Dannon, was slapped with a class-action lawsuit for making misleading health claims and agreed to pony up $35 million to consumers, in addition to making changes to the labeling and advertising of Activia and DanActive.

Dannon also withdrew claims that Activia improves digestion and slow transit and that its Actimel strengthens the body’s natural defenses.”

Even though the theory behind the benefits of probiotics is a good one there’s still a long way to go to prove their full benefits to your digestive health.

Activia Probiotics Side Effects

It turns out, that people who have taken Activia have experienced some side effects. However, these side effects are common with many probiotic products and mostly involve bloating and excessive gas.

If your symptoms are severe and are accompanied by stomach cramps this may suggest a lactose intolerance. Lactose are the sugars in milk which can’t be digested without the enzyme lactase.

Our bodies produce this enzyme, but it declines with age and some of us are born with very little. Therefore, its recommended that you avoid diary products if you have this enzyme deficiency.

In a nutshell, there have been no records that anyone’s health has been adversely affected by taking probiotic yogurts or supplements. So that makes them safe to take.

However a word of caution, you shouldn’t rely on this source alone to help cure your constipation and improve your digestive health. As with everything – use in moderation.

Prebiotics – The Natural Way To Balance Your Digestion

Unlike probiotics, which are man-made, prebiotics are completely natural. Turns out, that these prebiotic fibers ferment in your gut and create the optimal environment for your intestinal flora to thrive and flourish in. Prebiotics are often referred as the food that feeds your probiotics.

One of the major drawbacks of probiotic bacterial is that they’re often destroyed before they even reach your intestinal tract.

On their journey they have to survive your highly acidic stomach. If your digestive tact is already overrun with harmful bacteria and yeast infections there’s little chance they’ll survive to benefit you.

That’s why prebiotics are so important because they create the right gut environment that enables probiotics to have a beneficial effect on your digestive system.

However, a growing body of scientific evidence is showing that encouraging your body to grow its own good bacteria, in the way prebiotics do, is more natural and effective than ingesting man-made probiotics.

Best Place To Obtain Prebiotics

Prebiotics are insoluble fibers found naturally in the pulp and skin of many fruits and vegetables.

Here are a few examples of the richest sources;

  • kiwifruit including the skin
  • raw onions
  • raw artichoke
  • raw asparagus
  • raw garlic
  • chicory root
  • leeks

You probably notice the word ‘raw’ appears several times on the above list. This appears for good reason because the heat from cooking destroys the nutrients, enzymes and prebiotics contained within raw foods.

Of course, eating raw food is not to everyone’s liking, and if you already suffer from an inflammatory bowel disease eating raw foods could make your symptoms worse.

That’s why Kiwi Klenz, a completely natural Kiwi based prebiotic supplement, can really help you.

Made from the prebiotic rich skin, seeds and pulp, Kiwi Klenz is a fast and natural way to obtain the benefits of kiwifruit.

What’s more, Xtend-Life who produce Kiwi Klenz use a superior extraction process called water Pure – which ensures the fruits nutrients and enzymes are retained naturally.

The result is a highly concentrated supplement that can deliver results within a matter of days.

Imagine what it would be like with more energy, clearer skin, and no more bloating or embarrassing gas.

By taking one or two capsules of Kiwi Klenz each day you’ll rebalance the health of your digestive system to make this a reality.

In addition, each bottle comes with a full 1 Year satisfaction guarantee so you can try it out risk free.

But, don’t take my word for it – check it out for yourself

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