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4 Ways The Kiwifruit Aids Digestion

The kiwifruit already has an impressive reputation as a highly nutritious fruit. For example, its vitamin C content is twice that of an orange.

Now, most fruits have a reputation of being a rich source of one specific nutrient, but not the kiwi – its abundant in many. As well as vitamin C, the seeds found within the fruit are high in vitamin E.

In fact, the kiwifruit has twice as much vitamin E as the avocado but much less calories. Its also rich in vitamin B and the minerals calcium, iron, magnesium and copper.

The State Of Our Digestive Health

The human digestion forms the basis of your immune system, and if you want to be healthy and remain that way – you have to make sure you look after it.

The digestive tract is potentially the weakest part of the body. Unlike the skin, which has many layers and the internal organs that have a huge capacity to be over-worked – the gut has only one layer to protect itself.

Unfortunately, most of us take it for granted. Its ironic, that given its vulnerability the gut is the most ignored and abused part of our body.

A poorly functioning digestive system becomes overrun with toxins, which undermines your vitality, your ability to fight off disease and infections and ultimately leads to oxidative stress and aging.

4 Ways The Kiwifruit Aids Your Digestive Health

1) Enhances The Digestion Of Proteins

One of the most difficult food compounds to digest our proteins, particularly from meat and milk.

If these proteins aren’t digested properly they begin to build up, putrefy and become toxic. This can lead to inflammation of the bowel and a whole host of protein digestion problems.

A recent scientific study confirmed the widely held belief that kiwifruit aids the digestion of proteins. The study revealed the kiwi’s protein dissolving enzyme actinidin enhanced the digestion of proteins derived from milk, soy, meat and cereals.

2) Relief From Constipation

One in four people suffer from constipation and the condition has become the most common reason why people visit their doctor. A primary cause of this constipation epidemic is that people in aren’t eating enough fiber.

Thankfully, the kiwifruit can help.

It turns out, the skin, pulp and seeds of the kiwifruit provide us with a rich source of dietary fiber. This fiber has a laxative effect on our digestive system and promotes regular bowel movements.

In addition, the kiwifruit provides us with soluble fiber and this helps to keep the stool soft and moist for easier passage through the colon.

3) Helps Improve Bowel Function Of IBS Sufferers

Irritable Bowel System (IBS) is becoming increasingly common. The condition often effects those who live on a high starch diet and don’t digest food properly due to poor eating habits.

IBS often arises from long periods of constipation. The slow fermentation of food inflames the gut walls causing persistent outs of diarrhea. Treatment for this debilitating condition can often be difficult.

A recent scientific study was undertaken by the Taipei Medical University to analyze the effects of kiwifruit on the bowel functions of people with irritable bowel syndrome.

The findings concluded that

Kiwifruit consumption for 4 weeks shortens colon transit time, increases defecation frequency, and improves bowel function in adults diagnosed with IBS/C.

4) Rebalances Your Digestive System

The onset of all digestive problems and diseases begins with a bacterial imbalance in your gut.

There are literally trillions of micro-organisms that support your digestive system. They help breakdown food, absorb nutrients, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria – they even produce vitamins.

However, they’re fragile and susceptible to unhealthy diets, eating habits and stress. When you have an imbalance, the good bacteria are less effective at fighting off disease causing microbes and the removal of toxins.

Kiwifruit can help restore this balance that’s so essential to the health of your digestion. It turns out, the kiwi is a rich source of prebiotics. These are a type of carbohydrate fiber that feed and strengthen your beneficial bacteria.

As if that wasn’t enough, kiwifruit skin contain flavonoids that control the spread of harmful bacteria by inhibiting their growth.

Revolutionary New Supplement Made Entirely From Kiwifruit

Although fresh kiwifruit contain all these health benefits, the problem is you need to eat two or three a day to benefit. The only thing is, they’re expensive and not always available.

Fortunately, there’s an easier option. Kiwi Klenz is a 100 per cent natural digestive supplement made entirely from kiwi fruit extract. Its revolutionary because the whole fruit is used including the highly nutritious pulp, skin and seeds.

This natural supplement is exclusively produced by Xtend Life – a family run business with an excellent reputation for making quality products.

They’re also based in New Zealand – the home of the Kiwifruit and where Kiwi Klenz’s ingredients are sourced.

The great thing about Kiwi Klenz is its so convenient and cost effective to use – one capsule is all you need to aid your digestion.

Furthermore, Xtend Life are so confident that Kiwi Klenz can help improve your digestion they’ll give you a full refund if you’re not satisfied with the results after 30 days.

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