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Can Bananas Improve Your Digestive Health

There are good reasons why the banana is the one of the most popular and widely eaten fruit in the world. Not only does it taste delicious, its easy to peel, is brightly colored and even its funny curved shape brings a smile to your face.  Oh, and I forgot to mention, the banana is right up there with avocados and kiwifruits as the most nutritious fruits in the world – but can bananas improve your digestive health?  

They certainly can – and this is why……….

A Rich Source Of Potassium

Potassium is an important mineral for your digestion because it helps stimulate your bowel movements. Potassium also helps the digestive system to absorb and transfer essential nutrients into and waste products out of cells.

A lack of potassium can result in diarrhea and a swollen abdomen. Too much sugar, salt, alcohol and stress can rob you of potassium.

A Rich Source Of Dietary Fiber

Insoluble fiber takes on water inside the colon and this can increase it to double and even triple its normal size. This enables fibre to absorb toxic waste and bacteria.

As it moves through your large intestine it acts like a brush cleaning away non-digested fat, pathogenic microbes and dead cells from the intestinal walls. Dietary fiber also plays a vital role in encouraging the elimination of waste.

A lack of fibre is prevalent in the western diet and is one of the primary reasons why digestive disorders such as constipation and ulcerative colitis are so common. A lack of fiber is also linked to heart disease.

A Rich Source Of Protein

There is approximately 1.5 grams of protein in a banana. This protein helps to regulate the absorption of carbohydrates and sugars into the blood stream.

By doing so, your body releases energy gradually.This is in direct contrast to the high and low spikes of energy you experience after drinking sugar laden sodas and high caffeinated drinks.

Proteins also play an important role in repairing and replenishing cells within the intestinal tract.

Prebiotics -Their Role In Your Health

Its only recently that nutritional science has discovered the amazing digestive health benefits of this soluble prebiotic fiber.

The key to digestive health is having the right balance of good and bad bacteria. As long as you have enough of the good stuff, your intestinal flora, the bad guys will be kept under control.

Prebiotics achieve this by feeding your intestinal flora with essential nutrients as they ferment in your gut. This keeps your gut flora healthy and encourages their growth.

Although the banana contains prebiotics it is no match for the little kiwifruit, which is one of the most potent prebiotic foods on the planet. Not only that, the vitamin rich kiwifruit matches the banana in terms of potassium and dietary fibre.

The kiwifruit is also a rich source of phenolic compounds. These are bioactive flavonoids contained within its skin. Scientific research has shown these bioatives inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria within the digestive tract.

These phenolics are also powerful antioxidants that scavenge and neutralize free radical cells. It is these cells that can speed up the aging process and increase the risk of cancer.

Adding kiwifruit and bananas to improve your digestive health is a no-brainer. However, why not take it to the next level by taking a natural kiwi prebiotic supplement.

We do and the only one we recommend is by MaxaLife. Their digestive health supplement uses the whole kiwifruit, including the skin and pulp, which guarantees optimum levels of prebiotics, phenolic compounds and dietary fiber.

The kiwifruits vital digestive enzymes, often destroyed by high temperature treatments , are preserved using MaxaLife’s patented cold water extraction and filtration system. This ensures each capsule you swallow is 100 per cent pure and as close to the kiwifruits natural state as possible.

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