Benefits Of Kiwi Fruit

Did you know the kiwifruit has twice as much free radical busting vitamin C than an orange? However, the benefits of kiwi fruit don’t stop there. They’re also a rich source of flavonoids and minerals and have as much potassium as bananas.

They also contain several health promoting organic chemicals that help boost your immune system and improve your digestion.

What Are The Health Benefits of Kiwi Fruit

There are numerous medical studies that have found many health benefits from eating kiwifruit as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Here are just a few examples of the kiwi fruits benefits.

Lowers Your Cholesterol

The Taiwanese Institute of Nutrition & Heal th Science conducted a survey of both men and women who had high cholesterol levels. Each participant ate two kiwi fruits each day for a period of eight weeks.

At the end of the study the results were amazing – the Taiwanese researchers found a drop in the level of bad cholesterol known as LDL and an increase in the good cholesterol HDL.

Lowers High Blood Pressure And Improves Cardiovascular Health

A similar study conducted by the University of Oslo, Norway revealed eating 2 or 3 kiwi fruit each day can have a beneficial effect on your cardiovascular health. The study found that after participants ate kiwi’s for 28 days their triglyceride levels had dropped by 15%. They also discovered their platelet aggregation rates also lowered to 18%.

If you’re thinking – what does all this mean? Don’t worry I can explain.

Triglycerides are fats in your blood and platelet aggregation is a method of measuring how ‘sticky’ your blood is. Higher levels of platelets can increase the risk of clots which can also increases the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

It is also widely recognized that a deficiency in vitamin C can speed up the progression of cardiovascular disease.

Vitamin C in sufficient quantities can inhibit the production of cholesterol and enables the conversion of cholesterol into bile which helps with digestion.

Lowers Your Risk Of Cancer

Second only to heart disease – cancer is the second biggest killer in the Western world. Cancer rates have  increased in correlation with more people living sedentary lifestyles and eating high fat foods.

Our environment has also become more industrialized and it’s no surprise to know, the more developed a country becomes their rate of cancer increases.

The good news is the kiwi can help us fight cancer. The kiwifruit has one of the highest levels of vitamin C, nearly twice as much as an orange. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that disarms and neutralizes cancer causing agents such as free radicals and nitrates.

Eating kiwifruit can also be effective in fighting cancers of the digestive tract such as colon cancer.

The kiwi is also rich in insoluble fibers which cleans our intestinal walls and helps us keep regular. By doing so, waste matter does not have the time to become toxic and carcinogenic.

How Kiwifruit Improves Your Digestive Problems

Health or disease begins in the gut. The health of your digestive system determines how you feel physically and mentally.

Your digestion is linked to your immune system, hormones and central nervous system.  When anything goes wrong with your gut – you will eventually feel elsewhere.

The truth is, maintaining a balanced digestion is a challenge, especially with the Western diet that many of us are eating. Digestive disorders including constipation, bloating, excessive wind, acid reflux and heartburn are all directly linked to a faulty digestive system.

Poor digestive health can be caused by a lack of digestive enzymes which are found in raw fruit and vegetables. The body produces its own enzymes but these can decline with age. Enzymes are essential for breaking down food so that nutrients can be easily absorbed by our body.

Unfortunately, processed foods contain little to no digestive enzymes and eating these types of foods can lead to an enzyme deficiency.

A lack of enzymes  can result in food not being fully digested. Undigested food is notorious for clogging up your digestive tract where it ferments, rots  and increases the risk of gut infections.

Fortunately, kiwifruits are high in natural enzymes that can help boost your digestive health by enabling you to digest proteins and keep them moving through your digestive system rather than putrefying in your intestinal tract.

What’s more, the kiwifruit contains other health promoting substances that help restore a healthy balance  of good, friendly bacteria in your gut. In particular are prebiotics and phenolic compounds.

It turns out, that prebiotics create the optimal environment in your gut for your good bacteria to grow and thrive while the phenolic compounds are proven to stop the growth of disease causing bacteria from overrunning your system.

Benefits Of Eating Kiwi Fruit Skin

Its actually the skin of the kiwifruit where you’ll find most of the fruits health promoting benefits.

According to Dr Marilyn Glenville, former president of the Food and Health Forum at the Royal Society of ­Medicine;

“‘The skin contains three times the anti­oxidants of the pulp; it also fights off bugs such as Staphylococcus and E-coli, which are responsible for food poisoning.

Its also well  known that the healthiest part of the potato is its skin which tastes delicious, especially if your baking it in the the oven.

As you can see, there are definite advantages of eating kiwi fruit to boost your overall health.

However, the problem I found with eating the skin of the kiwi fruit is its taste, which is revolting. I’ve  tried blending the whole fruit but the tiny bits of hairy skin kept getting stuck in my throat -Ugh!

The fact is, by avoiding the skin you’re missing out on many of the fruits digestive health benefits

Fortunately, I found an amazing solution that provides all the health benefits of kiwi fruit and its skin. It’s a supplement made from 100% pure natural kiwi fruit.

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