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Best Probiotics For Constipation

Does constipation have you pulling your hair out in frustration?

Does your colon feel like its going to rip open?

You have the sensation to go – but nothing – you can’t even get any gas out – because your totally blocked up.

What’s more – you’ve tried everything from herbal laxatives, mineral oil, Metamucil, Laculose, Milk of Magnesia, Miralax – even prune juice.

You’re told to eat more fiber, so you eat the equivalent of a small forest everyday. You name it you’ve done it – but nothing seems to work.

So, can the best probiotics for constipation really work for you? To answer this question we need to delve a little a deeper.

Why Your Attempts At Curing Constipation Have Failed

The problem with over the counter laxatives and stool softeners is they’re a short term fix – they’ll never solve your problem.

In fact, keep using them long enough and you’ll become addicted.

These relief remedies are actually low grade poisons that either change or disturb the body’s natural biochemical processes. They suppresses the symptoms, but the underlying cause doesn’t go away, it gradually deteriorates.

What’s more, artificial chemicals interfere with the metabolism of other medications you’re taking. And if that wasn’t bad enough, these chemicals interfere with your body’s ability to detoxify the hundreds of cancer causing chemicals you’re exposed to every day.

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The bottom line is this…

the digestive tract is home to your immune system and detoxification system. Both are protected by an army of beneficial micro-flora that line your gut. It’s these two systems and the balance of beneficial bacteria that determine your health.


Their state of health determines each symptom and disease you develop – from the mild abdominal pain to colon cancer.

The fact is, all these drugs and medications make your digestive system malfunction. And if it isn’t healthy,  your irregular bowel movements are the least of your worries.

Is Your Gut Overrun By Super Bugs ?

When you’re constipated the body is sending you a clear message that your digestive system is unbalanced and under stress.

Your good bacteria kill and keep disease causing pathogens under control. But if you don’t have enough of these good bacteria then – potentially harmful bacteria – will spread and overrun your digestive tract.

The bad bugs in your gut emit toxins that nearly paralyze the muscular contractions of the colon responsible for moving your stool along the lower intestinal tract. When your colon can no longer push food along, constipation begins.

Obviously the longer food stays rotting in your large intestines, the more colon paralyzing toxins are released. This becomes a vicious cycle making you sicker and sicker.

As long as putrefying waste stays in your gut all day the wall of your digestive tract will weaken. This increases the risk of poisons leaking into your bloodstream, where they begin to contaminate your organs and cells.

At this point your general health begins to suffer as the build up of toxins trigger chronic fatigue, skin problems, mood swings and your brain feels like its stuffed with cotton.

As your intestinal tract begins to weaken and bulge you can develop diverticulitis and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

First off, you need to get the food moving inside of you and to do that you must put back the good bacteria you’ve lost.

Can Probiotics Help Your Constipation

Probiotics has helped many people improve their constipation and there definitely a good short term solution.

But for long term relief of constipation their effects are limited.

You see, probiotics like laxatives are addressing the symptoms of an already poor digestive system.

That’s why prebiotics offer a far more effective long term solution to your constipation. Unlike probiotics, prebiotics stimulate the body to produce its own natural probiotic bacteria.

Many probiotic products, especially yogurt contain the probiotic strains Lactobacillus bulgaricus or streptococcus thermophilus. These probiotics are transient in nature, meaning they’re passing through. They still do good work,  but you just have to keep topping them up.

What’s more, man-made probiotics are notoriously fragile to heat and the highly acidic environment of your stomach and colon. They’re also living micro-organisms and to reproduce in your gut they must be alive in the bottle.

If they’re not properly refrigerated, which often happens when their transported, most of the strains are killed off before they even reach the shelves of your local health food store or supermarket.

In contrast, prebiotics help the body grow natural strains that include lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium infantis.

These are more effective because they’re ‘resident’ strains’, meaning they stay in the gut – you don’t have to keep topping them up. They’re also built on site, so they don’t have to make the treacherous journey that probiotic supplements do.

Being Regular Doesn’t Mean A Healthy Digestion

After years of straining and painful bowl movements becoming regular makes you feel human again. Although its a step in the right direction, being regular is not an indication of digestive health.

Although natural remedies for constipation like fiber and probiotics can help us they’re only focusing on one problem.

If your serious about finding long term relief for your constipation you’ll need to balance your digestion and to do that you’ll  need more than just fiber and probiotics.

It turns out the key to excellent digestive health is a combination of 3 components working together. These 3 are prebiotics, fiber, and enzymes – and this is where MX Kiwi Biotic can really help you.

Kiwi Klenz – A Natural Solution To Relieve Your Constipation And Restore Balance

Kiwi Klenz is a 100% kiwifruit based supplement that is truly unique. Before, you would need to buy three separate supplements to obtain your fiber, enzymes and prebiotics. With Kiwi Klenz you get all three in one easy to swallow vegetarian capsule.

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Kiwi Klenz is……..

completely natural which means its very gentle on your stomach. Its made solely from kiwifruit – one of the most nutritional foods – to grace our planet.


Not only is the kiwi one of the richest sources of vitamin C, its also rich a source of the three digestive health boosting nutrients that I’ve just mentioned.

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  • You’ve got the soluble fiber that improves your constipation by softening your stools for faster transit and more comfortable bowel movements.
  • You’ve got the prebiotics that create the optimal gut environment for your own good bacteria to thrive and multiply.
  • You’ve got the kiwifruits natural digestive enzymes that enable you to break down proteins and fiber more efficiently and ensures your body absorbs the maximum amount of nutrients. (Ever wondered why eating more fiber never really got your bowels moving – there’s a good chance you lacked the necessary enzymes to break them down)

What’s more, kiwifruit contains bioactive phenolic compounds that occur naturally in its skin. These powerful antioxidant phenolics are special because they work along side prebiotics to stop the growth of disease causing bacteria in your system.

When your system is balanced your body becomes more efficient at fighting off superbugs, colds and flus. It becomes more effective at absorbing nutrients and this strengthens your immune system lowering your risk of degenerate disease and colon related cancers.

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