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Best Supplements For Digestive Health

Let’s be honest – choosing the best supplements for digestive health isn’t easy.

First of all, there are hundreds  to choose from and deciding on the right one can be a stressful experience.

There are supplements for constipation, diarrhea, excessive gas, acid reflux, heartburn and so on.

With so many supplements to choose from – its no wonder we’re getting  confused and frustrated.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way. By gaining more knowledge on how the digestion system works and what it needs to provide you with better health, then you will have no problem in choosing the right supplement.

And that knowledge begins right here.

How We Can Learn From Our Ancestors

Are you always low on energy, bloated after a meal, have embarrassing wind? If yes, then your digestive system is out of balance. And you’re not the only one because we are currently facing an epidemic of digestive disorders.

Did you know that the majority of doctor visits are to do with digestive problems than any other ailment.

Its not surprising that heartburn and antacid pills frequently rank in the top 5 of the best selling pharmaceutical drugs.

Our ancestors did not have this problem or the need for supplements for digestive health because then, they lived in a completely different world from the one we live in today. Then, there was no pollution, pesticides, our oceans where pristine and untouched virgin forests cleansed the air.

However, one of the big differences between then and now is the food are ancestors ate. There diet consisted of whole natural foods that where highly nutritious and full of fiber. Think of lush fruit and berries, nuts and seeds,fresh fish and lean meat. These natural foods where in tune with the biological make up of the human body.

Are You Digging Your Own Grave

Fast forward to today – the world has changed drastically and not necessarily for the better. Since industrialization the world has become a more polluted and toxic environment. However, it is the industrialization of the food we eat that has had the biggest impact on our health.

The processed foods predominately eaten today offer little to no nutritional value. The  added chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavors are actually making us sick and obese. Processed foods lack live enzymes and macro nutrients found within fruit and vegetables.

These live nutrients are essential for rebuilding the body, producing energy and life. Think about it – have you ever felt energetic after eating a hamburger and fries?

The fact of the matter is simple – if you’re over eating on processed foods, then you’re digging your own grave with a knife and fork.

Eating junk foods high in sodium and fat, then washed down with sugar laden flavored water (Coca Cola and Pepsi) are putting immense pressure on your digestive system and disrupting the balance of friendly bacteria living in your gut.

These living microorganisms ensure disease causing pathogenic bacteria that are also living in your gut are kept under control. However, feed them junk food and they will grow stronger and overrun the good bacteria.

This increases the risk of yeast and intestinal infections, irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis and a higher risk of colon related cancers.

Sugar is major ingredient used in processed foods and drinks however, it is highly acidic and inflammatory to the human body. It irritates the intestinal walls, and inflames the arteries and joints.

This inflammation can lead to increased risk of cardiovascular and degenerate conditions including heart disease and stroke.

Changing Your Diet Is The First Step To Health

If you want true digestive health you need to cut out processed foods from your diet or at the very least reduce your intake. You can apply a simple rule to your life and that is – stop buying or eating food contained within a packet, bottle and can, its that simple.

Start by adding more foods that our ancestors would have eaten and that is raw vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds, fish and lean meat. If you’re not fond of raw vegetables, then consider buying a juicer to make delicious and refreshing vegetable and fruit juices. During the warmer months of the year introduce more salads to your diet.

These natural foods provide your body with the nutrients it needs and the dietary fiber will help cleanse your digestive tract of bad bacteria and dead cells.

The Best Supplements For Digestive Health

As pointed out earlier, many supplements focus on a specific digestive disorder or symptom. For example,  improving your bowels movements due to constipation or relieving heartburn as a result of acid reflux disease.

Your digestive system is very complex and even though regular bowel movements are important, this does not necessarily mean you will have a balanced digestive system.

Being regular doesn’t mean you have a healthy digestion  – for true digestive health you need a supplement that provides a combination of nutrients – not just fiber

This means a combination of vitamins and minerals, soluble fiber and digestive enzymes working together. These nutrients are the building blocks for a healthy balanced digestive system.

Let me explain why these digestive health boosting nutrients are so important.

Vitamins And Nutrients

Because processed foods have little to no nutritional value your body becomes malnourished and the immune system weakens. This results in fatigue and exposes you to more infections and cell damage.

Vital Enzymes

A lack of enzymes leads to indigestion because the stomach can’t break down food properly. The human body produces its own enzymes however, these need to be replenished.

You could replace them with digestive enzyme supplements, but they’re limited in their effectiveness because the enzymes are derived from protein.

Your own enzyme pepsin, which is secreted in the stomach, recognizes these protein enzymes as food and proceeds to digest them, making them redundant.

Dietary Fiber

This improves your digestion by ensuring you stay regular. Fiber absorbs water in your colon which can double and even treble in size. This helps to speed up the elimination of stools from the body.

This is important, because undigested food remaining in the colon for more than 48 hours will begin to rot. Dietary fiber is also a colon cleanser as it moves along the intestinal tract it takes with it bad bacteria, dead cells and undigested fat.

Although, eating a natural diet will lay the foundation for a balanced digestion, digestive health supplements will help you maintain and support that balance.

To ensure, you obtain the necessary, multivitamins, minerals, enzymes and dietary fiber you would have to buy and take at least two or three separate supplements, which would be very expensive.

Kiwi Klenz – Combines All These Nutrients In One Easy To Swallow Capsule

Fortunately, we’ve discovered a natural digestive health supplement called Kiwi Klenz that provides you with all these nutrients and more, in one easy to swallow capsule.

Made from kiwifruit extract including its highly nutritious skin and pulp, Kiwi Klenz is a cost effective solution for you to acquire all the nutrients you need to help balance your digestive system as part of a healthy diet.

What’s more, Kiwi Klenz not only provides you with fiber and digestive enzymes but these other two very important nutrients:

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Prebiotics – these soluble fibers boost the health of your guts friendly bacteria.The prebiotics ferment in your small and large intestine and this creates a nutritious food for your probiotics to feed on.This strengthens your gut flora helping them to multiply. Prebiotics are found naturally in many fruits especially the kiwifruit.

Phenolic compounds – these natural bio-actives are found in the skin and pulp of many fruits and vegetables.Clinical trials have shown that phenolics have digestive health boosting qualities. In particular, they are able to kill and control the growth of disease causing microbes.What’s more, phenolic compounds also have antioxidant qualities that can help limit free radical cell damage and reduce the rate of aging.


The kiwifruit is also high in vitamins C and E and the minerals magnesium (for energy), potassium (stimulating gut movements), manganese (enzyme activator) and copper (prevention of bone loss).

Take a peak at the many benefits this best supplement for digestive health can offer – believe me, you’ll not be disappointed.