Can Gas Cause Chest Pain

It’s well known that too much gas can cause pain in your stomach and lower abdomen, but what’s less well known is that gas can cause chest pain.

The problem with chest pain is the difficulty in identifying what’s causing it. It could be gas or the result of an anxiety attack.

In many cases a physical examination by a doctor will not pinpoint the cause of the chest pain, therefore an x-ray is required to reach a more accurate diagnosis.

In most cases chest pains are harmless, but it could also mean the onset of angina or a heart attack.

If you experience continuous upper chest pain and its accompanied by shortness of breath, pressure and numbness around the shoulders and right arm, then seek emergency medical treatment immediately.

Causes Of Excessive Gas

We accumulate gas in our body through breathing, eating and digesting foods in our stomachs. The type of foods we eat, how we eat them and how effectively our digestive system breaks them down influences the amount of gas we produce.

A major cause of too much gas is indigestion which results in bloating, flatulence and digestive cramps. When food is not completely broken down it hangs around the small intestines where it ferments and feeds the bacteria that live there.

Furthermore, undigested food results in your intestinal bacteria having to work harder to break food down. All this extra activity results in – you guessed it – more gas.

A key reason for poorly digested food is a lack of digestive enzymes. These are essential for helping the body break down fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Enzymes also convert food into nutrients that our body’s can use and absorb.

The body produces its own enzymes, however these decline with age and we can rapidly lose them with unhealthy eating habits. As well as indigestion, a lack of enzymes leads to nutrient and vitamin deficiencies.

The truth is, your body depends on vitamins and minerals to produce enzymes. But, if you’re not digesting food you’re not absorbing the nutrients needed to make enzymes – this ends up creating a vicious circle.

Interesting fact: Indigestion is the number one reason why people visit their doctor. 

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