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Is A Cellulase Enzyme Deficiency Making You Sick

Cellulose is a polysaccharide fiber found in the majority of raw foods, especially raw vegetables. Also,  food manufacturers are increasingly adding cellulose fiber as a bulking agent to processed foods.

The cellulase enzyme is needed to break down cellulose into glucose, a form of sugar that can be absorbed by our body to produce energy.

Although our body produces a range of digestive enzymes, for example protease to digest proteins, it does not produce cellulase enzymes. Therefore, we need to source it from elsewhere, if not, our digestive system will be unable to digest foods containing cellulase properly.

Cellulase Deficiency Symptoms

A lack of cellulase enzymes in the body can develop the following symptoms:

How To Obtain Cellulase

The best and most natural way to obtain enough cellulase enzymes is eating fresh, raw vegetables and fruits. Unfortunately, most of us are not eating enough of these enzyme rich foods, instead preferring to eat processed and cooked foods that are completely void of enzymes.

Apart from natural raw foods the only other source is taking a cellulase enzyme supplement. The cellulase structure
used in many of these supplements are commonly derived from fungi, such as the aspergillus, which are specifically grown under laboratory conditions.

Cellulase are also extracted from the digestive tract of animals including the ox, cows and reindeer. However, plant based cellulase is considered more potent because its better matched biologically to the chemical structure of the human body and for that reason is more popular.

Cellulase Has One Critical Weakness

In truth, cellulase is  essential for breaking down cellulose, but on their own, they are not enough to absorb all nutrients needed for your body to function properly and remain healthy.

The fact is, most people have an unbalanced digestive system. This is not as a result of being deficient in a one specific enzyme, but something far more serious. The vast majority of digestive problems, celiac disease, gluten intolerance and the poor digestion of food is due to an imbalance of the guts microflora.

It turns out, your digestive tract is home to billions of beneficial microorganisms that are responsible for the health of your digestive health. One of their key roles is to stop the overgrowth of harmful bacteria.

A digestive system that is no longer under pressure, fighting off disease causing bacteria can concentrate on what its suppose to do.

And what is that?

To ensure your cells are absorbed with life giving nutrients and that waste matter is eliminated from the body quickly, rather than rotting away in your colon.

You see, the vast majority of digestive enzyme products contain only enzymes, they are missing the other essential nutrients needed to restore the natural balance to your digestive system. This is what you need to achieve true health and vitality.

For this reason, we recommend a natural digestive enzyme supplement that also contains the following nutrients required to boost the health of your digestion;

Prebiotics – are insoluble fibers found naturally in raw foods. They ferment in your small intestine and produce nutrients for your mircroflora to feed on. These nutrients strengthen their capacity to fight back and take control of your digestive tract. Prebiotics are proven to boost your immune system, improve your ability to absorb vitamins and lower the incidences of food allergies.

Phenolic compounds – these bioatives occur naturally in the skin of fruits and vegetables. As powerful antioxidants they inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria spreading throughout your colon.

This natural supplement is also rich in dietary fiber which is essential for cleaning out your colon of mucus, dead cells and toxins. By doing so, your bowel movements are far more regular.

The name of this supplement is Kiwi-Klenz which is made entirely from kiwifruit.

Why kiwifruit?

Because this small humble fruits packs way above its weight in terms of vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, phenolics, fiber and enzymes.

MaxaLife who produce this kiwi based supplement use a special cold extraction process. This process ensures all the nutrients and the fragile enzymes are preserved leaving a highly concentrated supplement that can deliver results
in a matter of days.

Think about that for a moment – just one capsule of MX Kiwi Biotic per day will give you the same nutritional value of 2 whole kiwifruits, including their prebiotic and phenolic rich skin.

However, don’t take my word for it – simply click here – to find out how MX Kiwi Biotic is changing peoples lives – Maxalife are even offering a full 6 month full refund guarantee! – which clearly shows the amount of confidence they have in their product in delivering what it promises – and that is healthier digestion and a healthier body.