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Should You Be Concerned About Colace Side Effects

Using stool softeners are a common way to help relieve your constipation. One of the most well known brands is called Colace.

In this article we’ll discover what Colace actually does, the side effects it may cause, why it doesn’t solve constipation and a solution that does.

What’s It For

Colace is used by people who suffer from constipation.

A common problem with constipation is that passing hard stools can cause painful anal fissures and haemorrhoids. Using a product such as Colace can soften the stool making bowel movements less painful , but also allowing the open sores to heal.

Colace stool softener is often used to help patients empty their bowels before a colonoscopy, rectal examination or other medical tests.

How It Works

Colace contains an ingredient called docusate sodium which is a stimulant laxative.

A stimulant laxative works by;

  • Stimulating the muscular contractions within the colon to move stools towards elimination.
  • Secreting more water into the bowels to soften the stool.

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