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Should You Be Concerned About Colace Side Effects

Who Should Avoid Using Colace

If you’ve got an allergy you should avoid using docusate sodium, especially if you’ve a history of allergies, skin rashes, hives and food intolerance’s.

Colace should be avoided if you’re taking prescription drugs or OTC medications for other conditions. It should also be avoided if you intend to drink alcohol or use recreational drugs.

As well as pregnant women, children under the ages of 6 should not be given Colace. If your child is constipated speak to your doctor first on the best treatment for your child.

If you already suffer from chronic digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, Crohns Disease or Colitis, then always seek medical advice before using any kind of stimulant laxative.

Why Colace Won’t Solve Your Constipation

As with all chemically based laxatives, Colace should always be used as a short term treatment for constipation. Stimulant laxatives will never fully alleviate your constipation – because like all drugs – they relieve the symptoms but they don’t fix the cause.

The fact is, constipation is caused by an unbalanced digestive system. This happens when the beneficial bacteria that maintain your digestive system are eroded away. This enables harmful and disease causing pathogens to spread causing all kinds of digestive disorders and illnesses.

It turns out, the key to a to balanced digestive system are prebiotics. These are naturally occurring fibers that stimulate the growth of your good bacteria while inhibiting the spread of the bad bacteria.

Once this happens you feel better instantly as the aggressive growth of harmful bacteria in your system are stopped in their tracks, and you stop damaging your health.

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