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4 Constipation Home Remedies To Get You Going

We’ve always been told that being regular is a good sign of a healthy digestion. Yet, regular can mean different things to different people.

So, what does regular mean?

Well, many nutritional experts and medical doctors will tell us that going to the toilet once a day should be our minimum. In fact, having a bowel movement after each main meal – 3 times a day -is considered the healthiest.

This is a shock to many people, which is not surprising as it is estimated that 1 in 4 people in the US are straining to move their bowels at least once every three days.

Its not uncommon for all us to experience fewer bowel movements than normal and these temporary bouts of constipation are nothing to worry about.

However, long term or chronic constipation is a clear sign that your digestive system is unbalanced and compromised. The common cause is an unhealthy lifestyle and a diet that is high in fat and low in fiber.

If your constipation is accompanied by abdominal pains or blood in the stool, then you should go and see your doctor.

However, the following constipation home remedies may also provide help in getting your bowels moving again.

Increase You Intake Of Dietary Fiber

Over the last 30 years the Western diet has become highly processed and this has reduced the level of fiber we eat today. Fiber is essential for a healthy digestion becomes it helps to keep the colon clean of bacteria and stimulates our bowel movements.

It is recommended that we should be taking between 30 and 35 grams of fiber per day, but most people are eating less than 15 grams per day. This fiber has been replaced with fatty foods that clog the intestinal tract and create a sluggish digestive system.

It’s no wonder that constipation has become one of most common reasons for doctor visits and that laxatives are the most heavily abused medications.

Simple fact is – we need to eat more fiber. The best sources are whole natural foods,  especially fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and wholegrains.

However, I would emphasis the importance of  drinking plenty of water when you increase your intake of fiber.

For fiber to be beneficial you need to absorb water so that it can move through your system smoothly, other wise your constipation could get worse.

In fact, one of the major reasons why we are so constipated is because we our dehydrated.


Constipation can often be a sign of a magnesium deficiency. This mineral is very important for building healthy muscles, especially in relation to peristalsis, which are the muscular contractions that move waste along the colon for  elimination.

Also, magnesium is a co-factor of enzymes which play a vital role in digesting foods and absorbing nutrients.

It turns out that eating too much of certain foods can actually rob you of magnesium. Foods you should cut down on are white bread, dairy products and foods high in fat and protein such as red meat.

Try these magnesium rich foods to give your levels a boost;

  • almonds
  • cashew nuts
  • kiwifruit
  • brewers yeast
  • garlic
  • green peas
  • beans

Omega 3 Oils

These oils are found in many cold water fish such as salmon, mackerels and tuna. Omega 3 oils are well known for helping to reduce cholesterol and inflammation of the joints.

However, it turns out omega 3 oils can help alleviate your constipation by lubricating your bowel movements and increasing the transit time of foods through the digestive tract.

But be warned, many fish oil products are sourced from heavily polluted seas which increases their levels of toxic metals such as mercury.

For this reason, I take a quality Omega 3 fish oil supplement that is sourced from the pristine waters of the Southern oceans around New Zealand. Low human populations and minimum shipping traffic make these oceans one of the cleanest on the planet.


These are fermentable fibers that naturally occur in raw whole foods. It these fibers that help to promote the growth of the beneficial bacteria that live in your intestinal tract.

These bacteria are vital to your digestive health but they can easily be wiped out by eating an unhealthy diet or overusing laxatives and antibiotics.

A lack of good bacteria can lead to an overgrowth of yeast infections and pathogenic microbes that can cause digestive disorders such as constipation, bloating, gas and intestinal infections.

The fact is, all of us have to a different degree an unbalanced digestive system.  Many people who consider themselves fit and healthy are surprised to hear this.

But the thing is – an unbalanced digestive system is not the easiest thing to notice. For example, it can reduce your ability to absorb essential nutrients into your cells and these are vital for your immune system.

Now, this won’t show any immediate signs, but gradually, as your immunity weakens, you become more exposed to infections and disease.

For this reason, I’m sure you understand the necessity of keeping your digestive system as healthy and as balanced as possible.

Kiwifruit – Natures Own Way Of Relieving Constipation

It turns out the kiwifruit is one of richest sources of prebiotics, not only that, it contains high levels of soluble fiber and magnesium.

In order to get your bowels going you’ll need to eat between 2 to 4 kiwifruit a day and because the highest concentrations of prebiotics occur naturally in the skin, you’ll need to eat the fruit whole.

If  having to eat 2 to 4 kiwifruit – including the skin – everyday doesn’t appeal to you, then Kiwi Klenz certainly will.

This is a revolutionary new natural digestive health supplement made from 100 % prime New Zealand kiwifruit.

Kiwi Klenz is different from other prebiotic products made from kiwifruit, because it uses a special extraction process that preserves the fruits natural enzymes, prebiotics, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

The end result is a highly concentrated and potent supplement that can deliver results within days.

Here’s what one happy customer had to say about Kiwi Klenz…

“I’ve been using Kiwi Klenz for about about 2 weeks now and already see major improvement! I used to suffer from terrible constipation and that has greatly subsided if not all but gone!

I can tell I have a little bit more energy too! I’ve noticed I don’t crave certain foods as much either. I just feel better all the way around!

I look forward to improved health as I continue to use this product hopefully for years to come! Your products live up to their description and the prices are fabulous!

Thank you for such a great product and great customer service! What a GREAT company! Diamond in the rough!”

Lee S, USA 

Just one capsule a day gives you the equivalent of two fully ripe kiwifruit including the skin. Not only is it more convenient, but its also a more affordable remedy for constipation relief.

If your frustrated with the lack of results and the side effects of laxatives, then maybe its time for a different, natural approach.

Try Kiwi Klenz today – its completely RISK FREE.