Digestive Enzyme Supplements

Increasing medical evidence is proving the strength of your immune system is directly related to the health of your digestion. A key component of a healthy digestion are enzymes.

These are produced in the stomach and there are different types called proteases, amylase, lipase and peroxidase.

If  you’re deficient in these enzymes one solution is to take digestive enzyme supplements, but as you’ll discover  – this may not be the best option.

An enzymes function is to break down the food you eat into a more digestible form so, your body can absorb the essential nutrients into your blood stream.

The production of digestive enzymes are dependent on you receiving the right balance of vitamins,minerals and micro-nutrients. When there is a lack of these nutrients the result is poor digestion which has the knock on effect of causing poor absorption.

This cycle turns into a vicious circle when the digestive system can no longer breakdown nutrients from food efficiently. This undigested food begins to build up within the small intestine where it turns toxic and feeds the growth of bad bacteria. This causes symptoms such as indigestion,abdominal pain, constipation,flatulence and bloating.

2 Causes Of Digestive Enzyme Deficiency In The Human Body

There are two main reasons why digestive enzymes can decline in number.  One cause is the diet we eat. Over the last 20 years the western diet of high fat processed foods is directly linked to the rise of obesity,heart disease and cancer. This diet can also wreck havoc on our digestive system and reduce the production of enzymes.

Sugar, which is contained in every form of processed food and drink is one of the prime destroyers of digestive enzymes. They depend on minerals such as zinc and the absorption of zinc is inhibited if you eat a diet high in sugar.

The second cause is to do with age. As we get older we lose our ability to produce digestive enzymes. This commonly happens from our mid forties onwards.

Between the ages of forty five and fifty the body can lose up to 35% of its ability to secrete digestive enzymes in the gut and intestines.

The Problem With Taking Digestive Enzyme Supplements

The common response for most people who have poor digestive health is to reach for a bottle of digestive enzyme supplements. The belief is that taking these supplements will solve the problem of enzyme deficiency. In theory this  makes sense because apart from the body the only other source of enzymes is by eating raw foods.

The problem with raw foods – is not enough people eat it because of the taste or they don’t have access to it. For these reasons people believe digestive enzymes supplements are the best way to increase their deficiency levels.

However, the only problem with this – is digestive enzymes within supplements do not work as effectively as the  natural enzymes in our own body’s and raw foods.

As pointed earlier enzymes such as protease break down hard to digest proteins. These proteins are derived from foods such as uncooked eggs,wheat and kidney beans. The problem with digestive enzyme supplements is that the enzymes are actually protein based. When ingested the natural enzymes from your body will digest these protein based enzymes making them useless.

However,  there is an alternative you can use.

One Supplement That Could Be The Answer

Kiwi Klenz is a total digestive health supplement that does not contain any man made enzymes that are destroyed once they enter your biological system. By total I mean, its more than just a digestive health supplement.

It contains 4 essential components that –  through independent medical research  – have found to re-balance and improve the health of  your digestive system. These 4 include prebiotics, phenolic compounds, soluble fibre and of course natural digestive enzymes.

These components including the enzymes are extracted from one of the most highly nutritious fruit in the world – the kiwifruit. The supplement is called Kiwi Klenz and unlike many other prebiotic supplements the natural digestive enzymes are preserved due to an organic water extraction process exclusive to Xtend-Life – the producers of Kiwi Klenz.

If your not fond of raw food or your using digestive enzyme supplements and not seeing any results then – simply click here to discover if Kiwi Klenz is the answer you’ve been looking for.