Digestive Wellness

How to achieve digestive wellness so that you can enjoy limitless health, energy and vitality.

Your digestive system is a wonderful and complicated work of art, however most of us treat it with as much respect as a garbage can.

The function of our digestion is to breakdown foods into smaller molecules so they are absorbed by our cells to produce the energy we need to function and survive. As long as this process remains uninterrupted you will remain strong and healthy. But, for many of us this is not the case.

Eating an unhealthy diet and too much stress disrupts this process by making our digestion weak and sluggish. Our cells ability to function effectively is compromised and if left unchanged will lead us down the path of slow degeneration and chronic disease.

 Rising Epidemic Of Digestive Of Un-Wellness

The number of people who are experiencing digestive disorders and disease is reaching epidemic proportions. A recent study revealed that the overwhelming reasons for doctor visits are to do with digestive disorders. 

Because we take our digestion for granted, we only take notice when something goes wrong with it. This could be a bloated stomach, constipation, excessive gas or heartburn. These symptoms are often dismissed with off cuff remarks as “it must have been something I ate” or “I had one too many drinks last night”.

Unfortunately, digestive problems can extend beyond your gut causing conditions such as inflamed joints, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis and allergies.

For quick relief many head down to the nearest pharmacy for the appropriate pill to make the discomfort go away. Then, life carries on as if nothing has happened – until the next problem arises.

This risky approach to treating gastrointestinal disorders is not limited to a minority of people. Did you know that  medications for digestive disorders top the pharmaceutical best seller lists. For example, Zantac –  an antacid for heartburn – regularly hits the top spot and earns its makers billions each year.

The problems with taking digestive disorder medications is that they only mask the problem – they do not focus on the fixing the cause. Unfortunately, until digestive problems are properly treated they can progress to more serious conditions. These can include irritable bowel syndrome,Celiac disease, depression,colitis, leaky gut syndrome and an increased risk of cancer.

The Path To Digestive Wellness

More clinical research is pointing to the fact that the good and bad bugs in your gut can determine how healthy or sick you will become. However, the end result is highly influenced by the type of diet you eat.

Your gut bacteria thrive on the food you feed them. The good bacteria thrive on a diet of natural whole foods, that are fresh and nutritious. Conversely, feed your body junk and the bad bacteria will multiply and spread.

“One recent study compared to the intestinal flora of children in Florence, who ate a diet rich in meat, fat and sugar, to children from an African village who ate a diet of wholegrains, vegetables, beans and nuts. The bacteria found in the African children were healthier, more diverse, better at regulating inflammation and infection, and better at extracting energy from fiber. The bugs in the guts of the Italian children produced by-products that create inflammation; promote allergy, asthma and autoimmunity; and lead to obesity”

Source: Digestive Wellness by Elizabeth Lipski Ph.D

This study clearly shows that why you eat has a direct affect on your digestion and overall heath. The Western diet that many people eat is highly processed, full of fat, sugar and contains very few nutrients. These foods have adversely affected and altered the bacteria in your gut and that change is a negative one.

When the bad bugs overrun your system it causes dysbiosis – an unhealthy balance and interaction of harmful bacteria with the body. Dysbiosis is the root cause of all digestive disorders, allergies, chronic illness and disease.

In order to return to a state of digestive wellness you need to have a good hard look at what you are currently eating. A diet consisting of foods that are processed and packaged are undermining your health.

By removing these foods and replacing them with the natural foods similar to those eaten by the healthy children of Burkina Faso will kick start the process of cleansing and detoxification. This will begin to rebalance your system, increase your cells efficiency in converting nutrients  for greater energy production and boost your immune system to fight off bacterial infections.

Feed Your Good Bacteria With Prebiotics

One of the most effective ways that you can strengthen and rebalance your good bacteria is by adding prebiotics to your diet. Prebiotics are insoluble carbohydrate fibers that ferment in your colon. This fermentation process feeds your intestinal flora, enabling them to thrive and multiply.

In basic terms – prebiotics feed your good bacteria to make them strong and resistant to pathogenic bacteria.  Not only that – prebiotics help to inhibit the growth of disease causing pathogenic microbes and fungal infections such as candida albicans.

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