Does Constipation Cause Weight Gain

Its well known that constipation can cause a number of symptoms from bloating, excessive gas to abdominal cramps, but does constipation cause weight gain? Well, it seems that........

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  3. Mother Natures Cure For Constipation

Kiwi-Fruit – Mother Natures Answer To Constipation

That’s right this little brown hairy fruit could have your bowels regular in no time.

The kiwifruit is scientifically proven to help alleviate constipation. This is due to its high levels of soluble fiber, vitamins, enzymes and prebiotics. These nutrients combined are the most healthiest things you can take for your body.

For example, enzymes are essential for digestion and absorption of fat. Unfortunately, processed foods contain no enzymes because they’re destroyed by heat treatment. This means fats are stored in your body and undigested food ferments in your stomach causing constipation and heartburn.

What’s more, the skin, seeds and pulp are rich in prebiotic fibers. These are proven to boost your good bacteria that are essential to absorbing fats, balancing the digestive system and controlling the growth of harmful bacteria.

All digestive disorders, including constipation and all diseases for that matter, are caused by an imbalance of intestinal bacteria.

Eating 2 to 4 kiwifruit a day will definitely have a beneficial effect on your constipation and because its very low in calories you don’t have to worry about your weight.

MX Kiwi Biotic – All The Natural Goodness In One Capsule A Day

Of course, eating 2 to 4 kiwifruit a day isn’t always possible. It can be expensive or fresh fruits are not always available. That’s why MX Kiwi Biotic, a kiwi extract prebiotic supplement, can make a huge difference.

After conducting extensive research into several natural supplements that help with constipation, it was MX Kiwi Biotic that stood out from the rest.

From our own and others experiences of using MX Kiwi Biotic, we have no hesitation whatsoever, in giving this natural prebiotic supplement our highest recommendation in helping you alleviate your constipation problems and rebalancing your digestive system.

As I’m sure you’re aware your digestive health is more important than ever, especially with the rise in bowel cancers.

For this reason alone, take a closer look at how you can help cure your constipation and maintain a healthy weight.

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