Exercise And Digestive Health

Exercise and digestive health go hand in hand and together are vital components to living a healthier life. Eating the right foods are also essential as they will ensure your body obtains the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs to function effectively. Healthy foods also ensure your digestive tract remains balanced and strong.

Exercise Gets Your Bowels Moving

Taking regular exercise has many beneficial affects on our body and digestive health. For example, if you’re currently suffering from constipation, then one of the worse things you can do is be inactive. If you want your bowels to get moving you also need to get moving.

Exercise reduces the amount of time digested matter remains in the colon. This enables the stool to retain more moisture, which helps the body to eliminate it more quickly. A lack of physical activity can result in the stool spending more time in the colon and losing more moisture. That is why dry hard stools are harder to budge!

Not only does regular exercise get your heart pumping and help you lose weight it also strengthens the contractions in your large intestine. Your intestinal walls are lined with muscles that contract and push the undigested waste along your colon for elimination. Exercising strengthens these muscles, which ensures waste is moved a long the colon a lot faster.

Exercise Is A Great Stress Buster

Stress is responsible for many digestive disorders, especially indigestion and heartburn. The worse thing that you can do is eat while stressed because the body diverts blood away from the stomach to your muscles. With less blood your digestive system can no longer digest food properly and this increases the occurrence of indigestion and acid reflux.

The body diverts blood to the muscle because of the the fight or fright mechanism. This is the body’s way of coping with stressful situation.

The fight or fright syndrome goes back to prehistoric times when we lived in caves. When face to face with a dangerous situation the body diverted blood to the muscles in preparation for either fight or flight. It was these two actions that provided the outlet for the built up stress.

In modern life the chances of coming face to face with a saber tooth tiger are very slim, however many of us still experience very stressful situations at work or at home. Unlike are ancestors, running a way from these stressful situations may not be best solution. But, exercise gives you an effective outlet to relieve that built up stress.

Best Exercise For Busting Stress

Although, exercise is a great stress buster – not all exercises are appropriate.

The best exercises to beat stress are high cardio interval training. This involves doing a specific high intensity exercise for 45 seconds , then resting for 1 minute and repeat.

When you are doing the high intensity exercise your body is actually getting stressed however, the 1 minute rest period lowers your stress level allowing your body to recover. The switch between stress and recovery is teaching your body how to cope with stress better.

In contrast, long endurance training such as running or jogging is not good for stress because your body is constantly in stress mode.

Exercise Is Not Enough To Experience True Digestive Health

Although physical exercise is important for digestive health it can often give us the excuse to eat more junk food – because we think we deserve it. This is not a problem if done in moderation however, if it becomes a habit, we are negating many of the health benefits from doing regular exercise.

Disease and infections originate in your gut and eating junk foods and foods that are highly processed will lead to maldigestion and a whole array of digestion disorders. That is why nutrition and digestive health is also important.

Nowadays, there are more people than ever suffering from indigestion, constipation and heartburn. Did you know that over 70% of doctor visits have to do with indigestion!

The reality is that many of us are not thinking carefully about what foods we are putting into bodies and the possible consequences. The western diet has moved so far away from nature that it cannot be described as real food any more. Many foods eaten today are out of a packet and loaded with preservatives and flavor enhancers.

For true digestive health you need to eat foods that are more natural and whole. Plenty of vegetables and fruits, whole grains, nuts and seeds. These are high in nutrients,enzymes and dietary fibre, which is a natural colon cleanser.

Natural supplements can offer you an effective way to maintain your digestive health – which for many of us – can be more challenging than achieving it.

For greater digestive health, there is only one supplement we recommend and that is MX Kiwi Biotic. A 100 per cent natural dietary supplement made from the kiwifruit.

But, why kiwifruit?

The kiwifruit is one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. It contains higher levels of vitamin C than oranges it also contains the essential minerals potassium, copper, magnesium ,manganese and vitamin E.

But, most importantly the kiwifruit is a rich source of prebiotics, phenolic compounds, soluble fiber and digestive enzymes. These 4 components are the building blocks of digestive health.

The unfortunate reality is that most peoples digestive systems are out of balance because they are missing one are more of these 4 essential components.

Fortunately, MaxaLife – the leading natural health supplement company who produce MX Kiwi Biotic-  have managed to wrap all the kiwifruits natural goodness in one easy to swallow capsule.

Just one capsule a day ensures your digestive health is fully maintained.

MaxaLife are so confident in this digestive health supplement that they will gladly offer your a full refund if you do not feel any improvement in 30 days from taking MX Kiwi BIotic.

When your body is being fed the right nutrients the process of cells turning then into energy is significantly improved – meaning more energy and vitality for you to enjoy exercise even more.

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