Fasting For Digestive Health

Fasting for digestive health is not a new fad as it’s been practiced as part of many religious and spiritual beliefs for centuries. However, in recent years fasting has become a more popular practice of cleansing the body of toxins.

Fasting involves abstaining from eating food for a specific period of time. The time period can range from one day to a month. In place of food, liquids such as water or juices or often used to replace fluids and maintain energy levels through the fasting period.

The Benefits Of Fasting

Lose Weight

By abstaining from food you are automatically taking in fewer calories which results in weight loss. However, if you’re fasting for a only few days most of the weight loss will be due to water and not fat. In this case, the weight is likely to return as soon as you resume your normal diet.

There is also a line of thought that fasting lowers your craving for sugar. Your pancreas produces and secretes insulin, which is needed to regulate your blood sugar levels.  By resting your pancreas and lowering production of insulin your craving for sugar from  – chocolate, cookies and sodas – reduces.  As refined sugar is high in calories this can also contribute to you losing weight.

Detoxing For Digestive Health

Fasting has been used many health celebrities as way to detox your body. The theory behind fasting is to give your digestive system a rest from breaking down and absorbing food.

The energy that is saved is focused on the elimination of toxins that have built up in the cells. It is also believed that fasting is an opportunity for the body to heal itself.

The elimination of toxins from your digestive system is highly important if you are to remain healthy and free from disease. A build up of toxins in the intestinal tract can disrupt the fragile balance of your intestinal flora. These microorganisms are vital to your digestive health and the protection of your immune system.

When your body is fully detoxed you may experience the following benefits after fasting;

  • more energy
  • happier moods
  • improved concentration and focus
  • handle stress better
  • feel more relaxed
  • glowing skin
  • better sleep
  • stronger immune system
  • less joint pain
  • fewer colds and infections

Negative Impact Of Fasting On Digestive Health

Withdrawal Symptoms

Toxins that have become very comfortable squatting in your body are not going to go quietly. This means the withdrawal symptoms can be unpleasant and can consist of nausea and flu-like symptoms.

The intensity of the withdrawal symptoms will depend on the amount of toxins in your body. If you’ve lived on a poor diet of processed foods for a long time, then be prepared for a rough ride.

However, withdrawal symptoms are a good sign as this indicates the fasting is working and the toxins are leaving your body. However, if your symptoms last for more than 3 days, it is advisable you contact your doctor, as this may indicate a more serious underlying condition.

Metabolism Rate Drops

When fasting you will feel more tired because your metabolism or energy rates will drop. This happens because your calorie intake has decreased and to compensate your body starts to protect its reserves of fats and sugars by lowering your metabolism. This results in low energy levels, especially after physical activities.

Muscle Waste

The longer you fast the more your body is deprived of the nutrient it needs. When fat reserves are used up the body will revert to breaking down muscle to survive. This is highly dangerous and should be avoided.

A More Natural Way To Digestive Health

Fasting for digestive health has its supporters and critics. Many in the no camp say that fasting is unnatural and inherently risky. While the yes camp say that it is natural to eliminate toxins from the body in order to reduce the risk of allergies, arthritis, chronic diseases and cancer.

Whatever, you do always play it safe and consult with your doctor beforehand.

However, we believe in a more effective and (less drastic) way in achieving better digestive health through these 3 simple steps:

Eat Smaller Amounts

We live in a world of extra large or super size portions. The fact is  – we are eating too much – which is just as bad as eating crap food. Over eating puts enormous pressure on the digestive system. The higher your calorie intake the lower your life expectancy.

Rather than fasting for 2 or 3 days get in the habit of just eating smaller portions everyday.

Tip – Look at your two clenched fists – that is amount of food that should be on your plate and no more.

Chew Slowly And Thoroughly

Undigested food due to a lack of chewing is one of the most common causes of digestive disorders.

Remember this – digestion begins in your mouth not your stomach

Each time you put a morsel of food in your mouth chew it until it becomes mushy – then swallow – your digestion will thank you for it.

Eat Plenty Of Natural Foods

Your body was designed to eat whole natural foods rather than the packaged variety that is full of foreign chemicals. Eating plenty of raw veggies, fruit and whole grains will give your body the nutrients, enzymes and dietary fiber it needs for a balanced digestive system.

Also, a balanced digestive system means your intestinal flora, or friendly bacteria, are ensuring the harmful bacteria and yeast infections  are kept under control.

Prebiotics The Natural Way To Digestive Health

The best way to maintain a balance digestive system is to ensure you are getting enough prebiotics. These are soluble fibers that ferment in your gut and feed your friendly bacteria. Without prebiotics your friendly bacteria would have a very short shelf life and therefore, leave your intestinal tract exposed to disease causing bacteria and infections.

For this reason we recommend MX Kiwi Biotic – a revolutionary new prebiotic supplement that also contains a combination of nutrients for cleansing and re-balancing your digestive system.

MX Kiwi Biotic is a completely natural supplement that is made entirely from New Zealand harvested kiwifruit – one of the most nutritious and prebiotic rich foods on the planet.

Not only that, you also receive high concentrations of dietary fiber, enzymes and the anti-bacterial power of phenolic compounds that are extracted from the skin of the kiwifruit. One capsule gives you the same nutritional equivalent of 2 whole kiwifruit.

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