Greek Yogurt Digestive Health

Its no secret that taking yogurt as part of a healthy diet can have a beneficial affect on your digestion. Although, less well known, Greek yogurt digestive health benefits are beginning to receive a higher profile – and about time too.

If you’re like most people, you probably aren’t familiar with the Greek style of yogurt and its benefits. Which is fine, because by the time you finish reading this article, you will have a better idea of what they are.

Fermented milk such as yogurt, have been consumed as a delicious and healthy food for centuries. Its only in recent years that scientific studies have revealed that yogurts containing bacterial cultures have a beneficial affect on the human digestive system.

These micro-organisms have similar characteristics to our own intestinal flora, which are vital to our digestive health. By taking yogurt it is believed these probiotic microorganisms can boost our own gut flora and by doing so, aid digestion and strengthen our immunity from infections and disease.

But – the thing is – not any old yogurt will do. Today you will find supermarket shelves stacked with a huge variety of yogurts. We now have yogurts that are low fat or fat free. We have plain or flavored with every fruit under the sun.

If that is not enough choice you can choose from brands fortified with vitamins, minerals and even essential fatty acids.

But, the thing you’ve got to remember – not all yogurts – are created equal. All these flavors, added with this and that are or mere window dressings. Whether they can actually benefit you, is seriously up for debate.

What makes the real difference are bio-live cultures or probiotics. These are actually the living bacteria in the yogurt, you do not need anything else.

Is Greek Yogurt A Healthier Alternative To Regular Yogurt

So, are Greek yogurt digestive health benefits any better than the regular yogurt variety?

Is Greek yogurt the best choice for my digestion?

Check out these advantages of going Greek:

Higher In Protein

Greek yogurt gives you more than double the amount of protein than regular yogurt. Proteins are the essential building blocks of life as they repair and replenish your cells and tissue. Your digestive tract consists of billions of cells that are renewed every 3 to 4 days. This makes protein essential for this renewal process.

Also, the extra protein makes you feel fuller for longer. This means you are less hungry making it easier to keep the weight off.

Less Carbohydrates

Compared to regular, Greek yogurt can have less than twice the level of carb sugars, which is good news for dieters.  Low sugar also means Greek yogurt is easier to digest. Lactose intolerant people also benefit as going Greek means less lactose (milk sugars).

Low In Sodium

On average Greek yogurt has half the amount of salt per serving compared to regular. Although an essential mineral, too much sodium can lead to kidney problems. Too much sodium can increase high blood pressure, this is related to stress which can also inhibit your digestion.

Creamier Taste And Texture

Greek yogurt is strained three times, whereas regular yogurt is only strained twice. This gives Greek a more creamy texture, which many people find delicious.

The disadvantages of going Greek;

Higher Fat Content

Full fat Greek yogurt is higher in fat than full fat regular. So – in terms of cholesterol – regular has the edge.

Lower In Calcium

Greek loses some of its calcium through the triple straining process, but not a lot. If your concerned about this, don’t be because there are others foods that are more effective sources of calcium than yogurt and milk. For example, nuts and seeds.

As you can see the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, making Greek yogurt the better choice for your digestion.

Both Greek and regular yogurts are healthy as long as they do not contain added sugar, which is the favorite food for harmful bacteria. If you are concerned about the fat levels of Greek yogurt there are fat-free options available.

Also, when choosing Greek yogurts make sure the contain the probiotic bacteria strains lactobacillus acidophilus, thermophilus and bifidobacteria.

How To Maximize The Digestive Health Benefits Of Greek Yoghurt

In order to maximize the probiotic benefits of Greek yogurt you will need to take a quality prebiotic supplement.

Why prebiotics?

Probiotics are living microorganisms and entering your intestinal tract unsupported they have a slim chance of survival. This is because your intestinal tract can be a highly acidic environment, especially when it is unbalanced.

Probiotics require fuel to survive in this acidic environment, and prebiotics provide this vital fuel.

Prebiotics are carbohydrate fibers that ferment in your small intestine. As they ferment they feed your good bacteria with nutrients they need to fight and control the spread of harmful bacteria.

Kiwifruit – The Probiotics Best Friend

Prebiotics are found naturally in many raw vegetables and fruits with the kiwifruit being one of the richest sources. Unfortunately, the highest concentration of the kiwifruits prebiotics are contained within its skin, which is inedible.

This means you would need to eat between 3 to 4 fresh ripe whole kiwifruit to receive a sufficient amount of  prebiotics required for a balanced digestive system. We understand that due to cost this will not be feasible for many people.

The good news, there is a more convenient and cost effective way for you to get the prebiotics you need. This comes in the form of a natural prebiotic supplement called MX Kiwi Biotic produced by the family run business MaxaLife, who have an excellent reputation for quality.

MX Kiwi Biotic is a unique supplement because of the quality of ingredients used and the range of nutrients it contains. Not only does it pack a high concentration of prebiotics, it also contains natural digestive enzymes, harmful bacteria fighting phenolics and soluble fiber. This holistic approach provides a comprehensive strategy for boosting your digestive health.

By combining MX Kiwi Biotic with your daily serving of Greek yogurt, digestive health will become a reality and not just a hopeful dream.