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How To Get Rid Of Bloating Without Drugs

Are you tired of having to excuse yourself in a restaurant every 15 minutes to run to the toilet or avoid the blame of unpleasant smells in a car or elevator?

Lets face facts, bloating is uncomfortable, painful and when it comes with its partner – flatulence – it can be down right embarrassing.

You’ve probably tried most, if not all, the medications and diets only to see disappointing results,  or maybe you’ve become confused and frustrated with the conflicting advice given for so many different digestive problems, that you don’t know where to begin.

You see, being self reliant and controlling your own health conflicts with what conventional medicine practices. In most cases, patients are trained to become dependent on their doctors advice and treatment.

Digestive problems are often treated with drugs that suppress the symptoms, but actually don’t tackle the true cause. Patients are often left in the dark about what is truly wrong with them. The end result is that the real causes are not fixed, but gradually left to deteriorate.

The fact is we have more control over our digestive health than we realize, despite what doctors tell us. It just takes courage and that begins by acquiring a greater understanding of how the – food you eat and how you eat it – affects your digestion and overall health.

Bloating – The Usual Suspects

I’m sure you’re aware that bloating is the result of gas building up in your stomach and intestinal tract and to fix the problem you need to find the cause of that gas.

Here are the usual suspects

  • undigested food putrefying in the gut
  • eating foods that are hard to digest and cause a lot of gas
  • food intolerance’s due to lack of enzymes

Even though certain foods such as fibrous vegetables or wheat can cause stomach bloating – the way you eat –  can be also be a major factor.

Bloating Does Not Begin In Your Stomach

Although the end result is felt in your stomach the cause of bloating often begins in the mouth.

Even before a morsel of food enters your stomach the digestive process has already begun by releasing the enzyme ptyalin from the salivary glands in your mouth. This enzyme breaks down carbohydrates and starches in to simple sugars the body can easily absorb.

How well the body can do this relies on how well you chew your food. The whole point of having teeth, and why your bottom jaw moves from side to side, is to grind food into a pulp.

Unfortunately – most of us are not very good at chewing as we tend to chomp than chew. Living increasingly fast paced lives and the growth of junk foods that require hardly any chewing at all, doesn’t help either.

Swallowing food that hasn’t been chewed thoroughly or broken down with enzymes will arrive in the stomach ill prepared and undigested, and this can lead to many digestive problems.

The fact is, undigested food simply rots in your stomach producing toxic gases that cause the familiar bloated feeling and abdominal cramps.

Why You Need To Chew…Really Chew

Let’s face it, we’re all pushed for time. Its near impossible to relax with mounting work and family commitments. But, have you ever stopped to think about how you eat your food?

Like most people eating on the go is becoming a bad habit. Rarely, do we sit down, relax and eat slowly anymore. Society has conditioned us to eat as fast as possible. Not only is this unnatural, its also unhealthy.

Taking your time over each meal and chewing food slowly can make a huge difference to eliminating your bloating and gas.

So, how do you chew properly?

Chew until you end up with as much surface area as possible. This will not only help with better digestion, it will also enable your body to absorb more nutrients from the food.

With each mouthful, chew slowly until the food becomes as liquid as possible, without lumps. Become aware of your saliva and mix it into the food as as you chew.

Protein foods such as meat are going to be easier to chew, whereas carbohydrates like rice or spaghetti will be more challenging to break down.

I’m going to be honest with you – this won’t be easy, its a matter of persistence and like any habit it will take time to form. But if you stick at it, you’ll reap the benefits.

As well as chewing slowly, here are more tips to help you eliminate your bloating;

  • Don’t slouch while eating as this compresses the stomach, keep your back straight and upright
  • Do not eat if you’re stressed or feel tense, even when hungry – always feel relaxed at meal time.
  • Make sure the mouthfuls or small and your mouth is closed while chewing as this will prevent air getting into your stomach.
  • Use a knife, fork of spoon rather than your hands or fingers when eating.
  • As my grandma use to say “always leave the table wanting more” – which simply means – don’t over eat.

This will take practice, but it becomes easier the more you do it. Before you know it, chewing effectively will become second nature.

We All Need A Helping Hand

Another thing… I recommend a good quality digestive health supplement that contains enzymes.


Because a lack of  enzymes also causes of bloating.

You see, as we get older our bodies capacity to produce the enzymes we need begins to decline. Actually, bloating is the least of your worries because a lack of enzymes speeds up the degeneration of the body, simply because your  not absorbing enough nutrients.

Raw vegetables and fruits are rich source of nutrients, but as we’ve become dependent on cooking our foods the enzymes are completely destroyed.

That’s why replenishing your enzymes and chewing thoroughly will be doing your digestive system and overall health a huge favor.

But a word of caution, not all enzyme supplements are created equal. Most of them use manufacturing  processes that destroy the enzymes because of the high temperatures used to extract them.

For this reason, I only recommend MX Kiwi Biotic a 100% natural digestive health supplement made from kiwifruit.

The kiwifruit is a rich source of enzymes, especially the proteolytic enzyme actinidin. Many studies  have discovered this enzymes unique ability to break down the milk protein caseinate, which is notoriously difficult for the human body to digest.

MaxaLife, the creators of MX Kiwi Biotic have conducted their own independent research into the supplements ability to digest protein.

The results were very interesting and encouraging.

According to the studies findings;

“MX Kiwi Biotic digested the same amount of animal protein in a McDonald’s hamburger in just 4.5 hours, as opposed to 8 hours without MX Kiwi Biotic”


“It only took a mere 9 minutes to digest the protein in a glass of milk with MX Kiwi Biotic, as opposed to 32 minutes without it.”

The thing is, MaxaLife where not surprised by these findings because of the way MX Kiwi Biotic is made. They use their own patented extraction system called AquaPure. Rather than heat, as used by many other supplements, AquaPure uses cold water extraction that preserves the fruits fragile enzymes.

This means the fruits enzymes and other nutrients contained within MX Kiwi Biotic are highly concentrated to produce results in as little as a few days.

Check out what this happy customer had to say;

“I have had tummy bloating, irregular bowel movements and numerous food intolerance’s for many years along with Arthritis. Joint swelling and tummy bloating used to get so much worse after eating carbohydrates like potato, and especially sugary foods.

Now, just after a couple of weeks of using your MX Kiwi Biotic (formerly Digesten-K) I have been eating these foods without the same amount of symptoms, it is amazing! I started to notice a difference within just a few days.”

Alison B, UK 

What’s also reassuring is that MaxaLife backs up MX Kiwi Biotic with a 6 month money back guarantee – so you can try it risk free!