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How To Regulate Your Bowel Movements For Better Health

The frequency of our bowel movements is not a subject we like to talk about or even pay much attention to. But we should talk more about it, especially if we’re constipated.

Its a vital function of our digestive system, but when it comes to knowing the facts about healthy bowel movements, most of us are stumped.

So.. How Often Should You Be Going?

With a healthy digestive system you should be visiting the toilet after each mealthat means three times a day. At the very minimum, you should be clearing your system at least once a day. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t that regular.

Here’s an illuminating statistic –  its estimated that the average American is lucky to have a single bowel movement every 4 days –  and what’s  even more worrying  – many of them think its normal!

Why Constipation Is Reaching Epidemic Proportions

There are number of factors, but the main two are your lifestyle habits and diet. The modern lifestyle many of us are leading is dominated by too much fast food, lack of exercise, limited time and too much stress.

Unfortunately, this is the perfect recipe for blocking your colon which is the first step towards abdominal pain, intestinal infections and a host of other digestive tract problems.

The fact is, we are eating far less natural whole foods than any other generation before us,  and it shows. Rates of chronic constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, obesity, heart disease and cancers are on the increase.

Processed and junk foods are devoid of enzymes, fiber, prebiotics and vitamins that our body needs for energy and good health.

What’s more, processed foods are notoriously hard for our bodies to digest. This  puts our pancreas under enormous pressure to produce more of its own enzymes to digest these foods.

Over time the pancreas’s ability to produce sufficient enzymes decreases. This eventually leads to malabsorption as the body no longer absorbs nutrients effectively.

Here’s another thing –  refined foods create a slimy toxic mucus that clog up the walls of the colon. This slows the transit time for the elimination of waste from our bodies.

Another reason why many of us our constipated is because we are dehydrated, we just don’t drink enough fluids.

By the way, coffee, tea and alcohol are to be avoided because they are fluids that will dehydrate you. They are diuretics, which means they draw water away from your body.

Water needs to be absorbed in the colon to moisten the stool. This keeps it soft and makes for an easier passage through the large intestines. However, a lack of water makes your stool dry, hard and more difficult to move.

And speaking of laxatives, they can make your constipation worse because they disrupt the natural muscular contractions of your intestines. Laxatives can be addictive and their heavy use can result in your bowels becoming dependent on them to move your stools.

What This Means For Your Health

Constant fatigue, headaches, low energy, stomach problems, bloating, excessive gas and weakened immune system is a clear sign  there is some wrong with your bowels.

But the thing is.. this should be no surprise.  A clogged up bowel not only contains waste, but also toxins, parasites and disease causing bacteria. If you’re bowels aren’t regular,  your body is redigesting these poisons back into your bloodstream.

Your blood goes to every part of your body including your major organs, brain and cells. As time goes by  your constipation will lead to more serious chronic conditions, as well as a higher risk of bowel cancer. It is no wonder that illnesses due to bowel problems are costing Healthcare a fortune.

Turning Your Health And Life Around

If you want to regulate your bowels for better health and more energy you need to introduce more fiber into your diet.

But wait…. not all types of fiber are going to work, in fact certain fibers such as wheat and oats have a dehydrating affect on the colon and can make your problems worse.

The best source of fibers are raw organic fruits and vegetables. They not only provide fiber, but also nutrients that strengthen your digestion, enzymes to aid absorption and prebiotics, which are key to restoring balance to your digestive system.

Kiwifruit – The Natural Way For Constipation Relief

Believe it or not, this little fruit is amazing when it comes to providing health benefits for your digestion. The vast majority of fruits provide a specific nutrient, but the kiwifruit is abundant in many. It has more vitamin C than oranges, more potassium than bananas and more active fiber than wheat.

But you know what? this amazing little fruit also contains two extra nutrients clinically proven to help keep you regular as a finely tuned Swiss clock. The key are the prebiotics and phenolic compounds that naturally occur in fruits skin, seeds and pulp.

It turns out that  prebiotics are known to promote the growth of good bacteria while inhibiting the growth of bad bacteria.

Once your digestive system is balanced you quickly begin to feel healthier, because the spread of disease causing bacteria have been stopped in their tracks.

What’s more, the phenolic compounds have anti-oxidant qualities that kill pathogenic bacteria. This frees up your body from battling against these superbugs and enabling it to focus its energies doing what it is suppose to do – heal and repair itself.

Try Kiwi Klenz – An Amazing Digestive Health Supplement

Lets face it, its not always easy to get your hands on good quality, fresh and organic kiwifruit – not to mention how expensive they can be.

That’s why an amazing, 100 % pure and natural prebiotic supplement called Kiwi Klenz can make a difference.

Now I’d like to emphasize something here, Kiwi Klenz is different from other supplements because it uses the whole fruit including the prebiotic and fibrous rich skin, seeds and pulp.

Unlike the chemicals contained in a laxatives these nutrients will help you become more regular without the side effects.

What’s more – Kiwi Klenz is made by Xtend Life, a New Zealand based and family run business that have an excellent record in delivering results.

Actually, Xtend Life recently commissioned an independent survey to find out what their customers thought of Xtend Life, what they used it for and whether it helped them.

The feedback revealed most people used the supplement for constipation and bloating.  But most importantly, 75% of respondents found Kiwi Klenz was more beneficial that other competing products.

What’s more…….

Xtend Life are so confident in their product they will refund you in full if you don’t see results after taking Kiwi Klenz each day for 30 Days.

If you’re looking for a natural way to regulate your bowel movements for better health – why not give Kiwi Klenz a try today – as you now know – its completely risk free.