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Can Kefir Improve Your Digestive Health

Its only recently that kefir has come to public prominence as a health drink, but the reality is that our ancestors have been drinking the stuff for thousands of years – 2000 years to be exact.

Fermented milk drinks are nothing new, actually they are the earliest forms of preserving food because in those days our ancestors did not have the luxury of refrigerators.

Kefir are fermented grains that are commonly added to cow or goats milk. The kefir grains can also be added to non dairy drinks such as rice or soy milk and even coconut water.

When added the kefir grains gradually ferment all of the milk. During the fermentation process the kefir grains will produce a number of live bacteria, yeasts and polysaccharides. These growing microorganisms are better known as probiotic cultures and they have an important role in maintaining the health of our digestion.

Good Bacteria – The Balance Of Life

Probiotics means to ‘give life’. They are live cultures created outside of our own bodies, however these probiotics share similar characteristics to our own intestinal flora. We have billions of intestinal flora – also known as good or friendly bacteria – colonizing our small and large intestines.

These gut flora are vital to our digestive health as they support the essential functions of digestion, absorption and elimination. They also support and protect our immune system which makes up 70% of our intestinal tract. So, in a nut shell these beneficial microorganisms are very important.

As well as good bacteria our intestinal tract also the home to bad bacteria. As long as our digestive system remains  healthy and balanced these bad bacteria are kept under control and will not cause us any problems. However, if the balance tips and these bad bacteria overrun our system, they can wreck havoc.

Digestion disorders that range from indigestion, constipation, heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, candida, colitis, leaky gut syndrome, stomach ulcers and others are all caused by an imbalance of bacteria.

Taking probiotic enriched drinks can help replace your own good bacteria when they are eroded through ill health, stress, antibiotics and a poor diet.

Digestive Health Benefits Of Kefir

There are many ways that kefir can improve your digestive health;

  • It can enhance the existing colony of intestinal flora in your colon and therefore, improve the elimination of waste matter and reduce incidents of constipation.
  • The probiotic strains within kefir have anti-bacterial qualities and these can help inhibit the growth of pathogenic microbes in the gut.
  • By supporting the immune system kefir improves colon health by making it more resistance to disease and infections.
  • Kefir helps reduce the risk of intestinal infections including colitis, IBS and Crohns disease.
  • Reduce the build up toxins within your digestive tract and therefore, help to reduce the risk of colon cancer.

To Enjoy The Digestive Health Benefits Of Kefir You Need PRE-biotics

Probiotics can only gain a foothold in your gut if the intestinal environment is in a fertile condition. This is not  the case if your intestinal tract is already overgrown with bad bacteria and yeast infections. For this reason you need prebiotics.

Not to be confused with probiotics, these prebiotics are soluble fibers that ferment in your gut providing essential nutrients for your good bacteria to grow back and thrive. As well as promoting the growth of probiotics, they also help control the growth of harmful bacteria.

Before you buy your next kefir probiotic smoothie or make your own homemade kefir yogurt ensure you get plenty of prebiotics in to your system to clear the path for the probiotics.

To enable you to do that we recommend an excellent natural prebiotic supplement from MaxaLife. It is made entirely from kiwifruit, which is one of the riches source of prebiotics, dietary fibre and digestive enzymes. These combined, create the optimal gut environment for your beneficial bacteria to thrive in.

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