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Lack Of Digestive Enzymes Symptoms

Ever wondered why you get a bloated stomach after a steak dinner or a bout of diarrhea following a spicy food? If yes, there is high probability you have a lack of digestive enzymes.

Enzymes are important. The play a vital role in balancing your acidity (ph) levels, the digestion of food and most importantly – absorbing vital nutrients – into the body’s cells.

The two main sources of digestive enzymes are from the human body and the food we eat. The pancreas is the main organ for producing the digestive enzymes that digest proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

There are three main pancreatic enzymes produced by the body as follows:

  • amylases – for digesting carbohydrates
  • protease – for digesting proteins
  • lipase – for digesting fats

How Can We Have A Lack Of Digestive Enzymes

There are a couple of reasons, but the primary one is related to lifestyle and in particular the diet we eat. Even though our body’s produce their own enzymes we also rely on enzymes from the food we eat.

These enzymes make it easier for the body to digest these foods and this puts less pressure on the pancreas to dip into it’s own reserves.

Unfortunately, as more people consume processed and manufactured foods they are becoming more enzyme deficient.

Processed foods have little to no enzymes due to the processes of pasteurization and homogenization. These processes use very high temperatures to kill bacteria, but this also destroys the enzymes.

The fact is, eating foods with no natural enzymes puts enormous pressure on the pancreas to produce more enzymes to break foods properly. To make matters worse, cooked and processed foods are much harder to digest than whole natural foods.

As the body ages its ability to produce enough enzymes declines. But this, rate of decline in enzyme production is increased if you are not receiving enough nutrients from the food you eat.

You see, the production of enzymes are dependent on vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B6. The more nutrient deficient food you eat the less ability you have to produce enzymes.

This leads to a vicious circle of poor absorption and a weakened digestive system.

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