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Can Mineral Oil For Constipation Relieve My Suffering

Constipation can be frustrating and painful condition.

You’ve probably tried many of the bulk forming laxatives or stool softeners such as Colace and found they either don’t work or loose their effectiveness over time -and changing your diet – hasn’t helped much either.

So, can mineral oil for constipation really help you?

Before we answer that question lets delve a little further to gain a better understanding of  mineral oil.

How Does It Work

Constipation is caused by dry hard stools moving slowly through the colon. Mineral oil can help speed up the transit time of the stool by lubricating its outer surface. Like a wet bar of soap the stool can move through the colon a lot easier and faster.

How To Take It

Its recommended that you take one teaspoon before going to bed. You should feel the effects of the oil within 6 to 8 hours.

Benefits Of Using Mineral Oil

As a lubricant laxative, mineral oil can be very effective at helping to produce stools that are much easier to pass.

Furthermore, the oil can also prevent the stool from drying out and becoming hard. As the mineral oil covers the stool in a water tight coating, the colon is prevented from drawing out moisture which keeps the stool soft, moist and considerably easier to pass.

It’s good to know that mineral oil is a natural product unlike many of the prescription and over the counter laxatives. As long as mineral oil is taken occasionally and with the right dosage amount, there should be no major side effects.

Drawbacks Of Taking Mineral Oil For Constipation

Even though its a natural product, mineral oil should only be used as a temporary measure. Taking more than the recommended dosage can lead to other health complications and bad digestive symptoms such as indigestion, feeling of fullness and bloating, stomach cramps and diarrhea.

But not only that, the prolonged use of mineral oil can also cause dehydration. This can happen when the colon is prevented from absorbing moisture from the stool due to the water proof coating.

Dehydration is certainly not good for you, as it can lead to fatigue, weakness and make your constipation worse. That’s why its important to drink sufficient amounts of fresh clean water.

Also, the prolonged use of mineral oil can interfere with your digestive systems ability to absorb nutrients and vitamins, especially vitamin A, D and E.

Who Should Avoid It

According to the American Pregnancy Association pregnant women should not use mineral oil for constipation relief, because it can decrease the rate of nutritional absorption in the body.

This also applies to babies and kids under the age of 6. As a precaution, you should always seek advice from a medical doctor before administering to kids who are 6 and over.

Long Term Relief Of Constipation

There are many reasons why you can suffer from constipation and painful bowel movements. Whether its a lack of fiber in your diet, not enough physical exercise, too much stress or dehydration one consistent fact remains – constipation is the result of an unbalanced digestive system.

An unbalanced digestive system is caused by a decline in the numbers of intestinal bacteria. This can easily happen when you live an unhealthy lifestyle or rely too much on antibiotics and laxatives.

These bacteria are essential to your digestive health and once they’re compromised, harmful and disease causing bacteria can easily spread, resulting in a sluggish digestive system and a whole range of digestive problems.

Although mineral oil can provide an effective remedy, its only a short term one. If you’re serious about wanting to end the constant straining, abdominal cramps and painful discharges, then you need to rebalance your digestive system – fast.

Prebiotics – The Key To Your Digestive Health

It turns out, that the key to amazing digestive health are carbohydrate fibers better known as prebiotics. These fibers are found in the skin and pulp of raw vegetables and fruits.

Prebiotics are scientifically proven to stimulate the growth of your friendly bacteria, so there vital to your digestive health.

The best sources of prebiotics can be found in these raw whole foods;

  • onions
  • garlic
  • Jerusalem artichoke
  • asparagus
  • bananas
  • kiwifruit

Of course, its not always possible and affordable to eat fresh raw produce everyday. That’s why MX Kiwi Biotic, a high quality 100% prebiotic supplement can help.

MX Kiwi Biotic is made entirely from freshly picked kiwifruit, which is one of the most nutritious and prebiotic rich foods on the planet. However, MX Kiwi Biotic is different from other prebiotic or fiber supplements, because it contains 3 important nutrients that work together to restore balance to your system.

These 3 are better known as…

  • Phenolic compounds – Bioactive flavonoids that kill harmful bacteria and boost your immune system for greater health.
  • Soluble fiber – Help keep your stools moist enabling faster transit times through the colon.
  • Digestive enzymes – break down and digest foods more efficiently and prevent bacteria, parasites and toxins clogging up your colon.

As MX Kiwi Biotic is 100% natural, its gentle on your system and unlike laxatives, you don’t experience any nasty side effects.

The answer to relieving your chronic constipation permanently is only a click away, do yourself a favor, and – check out MX Kiwi Biotic today – and say good bye to your suffering for good.