Natural Probiotics

As soon as you walk into your local supermarket you would find it difficult not to miss the huge variety of  products that claim to spring clean our digestive system from bad bacteria and improve our digestive health. These products come under the heading of probiotics and have spawned a multi million industry. Today you can buy probiotics as  yogurt drinks, powders and supplements.

400 Varieties Of Bacteria

It is believed that your gut contains as many as 400 varieties of bacteria. When we think of bacteria we usually consider them in a negative way – bugs, germs and infections. However, this is only half the story. There are certain bacteria we need for maintaining and protecting our health.

These bacteria are known as friendly bacteria or natural probiotics. They are produced by our body and they reside in our digestive tract and intestines.  Their job is to help balance our digestion, break down our food, improve the absorption of nutrients and rid the body of toxins by eliminating waste.

Natural Probiotic Health Benefits

A normal health diet should provide all the nutrients our body needs to have a healthy amount of good bacteria in the gut. However, not everyone eats a healthy diet. Also, these friendly bacteria can be very fragile and easily destroyed if you are suffering from stress or have taken a course of antibiotics.

If the body cannot replace the good bacteria it may need help from the outside. For this reason, probiotics are believed to help by re-balancing the digestive system by introducing more of the good stuff. They are found in a variety of food sources.

Natural Prebiotic Food Sources

The most common and beneficial source are milk based as the naturally contain live cultures, which is a fancy word for good bacteria. Foods such as milk, cottage cheese and yogurt drinks are good sources of natural probiotics.

Other sources can also be found in a variety of fermented foods. These include sauerkraut, sourdough bread,soybeans, miso, tamari and tempeh.

Probiotic Supplements And Drinks

You can also use probiotic supplements to balance your digestion. These are available in capsules and powder form. When choosing a probiotic supplement ensure they contain the following strains of friendly bacteria:

  • acidophilus
  • bifidobacteria
  • bulgaricas

Because they are fragile you need to choose a supplement that has at least 100 million  organisms per capsule to be of any benefit. It is better to take the supplements before or after a meal as excessive stomach acids, which can kill the good bacteria, are produced during a meal. It is important to store probiotic supplements in the fridge to preserve their quality.

Why Probiotics Are Not Effective On Their Own

One of the major problems with probiotics, is that on their own they are not very effective at balancing your digestion especially, if you are already suffering from poor digestive health. In order for natural probiotics to get past your stomach unscathed and into your intestines.

There is no getting away from the fact – your stomach acid is going to kill a certain quantity of friendly bacteria. However, there is a way you can significantly greatly improve their success rate in getting through. What you need are prebiotics.

These are often described as the food that feeds probiotics. They create the right environment in your gut for the probiotics to grow and thrive. This enables the good stuff to reproduce and exert their health promoting affects on your digestive system.

Prebiotics are found naturally in raw fruit and vegetables. Raw onions, artichokes and the kiwifruit are particularly high in prebiotics. As the are indigestible they act as a natural gut cleanser. This results in improved bowel movements enabling waste to pass out the body more rapidly.

Unfortunately, most of the prebiotics in a kiwi are contained within the skin and not its tasty green flesh.  However, there is a supplement I can recommend that offers you all the benefits of the kiwi skin but – without the taste. This product is called Kiwi Klenz.

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