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9 Natural Remedies For Gas Relief

One of the most common digestive problems that people suffer from is excessive gas or flatulence.

Not only is it loud and smelly, but if you let a stinker rip in a lift full of people or in a public place, it can be highly embarrassing. When that happens all you want is the ground below you to open and swallow you up.

So, how can you put an end to embarrassing gas?

Well the solution could be found in these 9 natural remedies for gas relief.

1. Ginger Root

Used in China for centuries as a treatment for digestive health problems. Ginger contains gingerol which has antibacterial properties that help reduce gas, abdominal bloating and settle your stomach aches. Highly versatile, ginger can be added to food or drunk as a tea.

2. Caraway Seeds

Native of North Africa, this sweet aromatic herb/spice adds wonderful flavors to dishes, but it can also reduce intestinal gas and improve your digestion. Caraway seeds are often added to dishes or chewed on their own after a meal.

3. Parsley

A very versatile herb that can be chopped up and used as a garnish or added to a tasty salad. Parsley is highly nutritious, is good for you and also reduces your  flatulence.

4. Fennel

If you love the taste of liquorice and aniseed you will love fennel seeds. Used a lot in Italian cooking especially in pizza and Italian sausage or you can simply chew fennel on its own. This tasty herb can be used as a remedy to help alleviate excessive gas as well aid digestion.

5. Cinnamon

Comes from the bark of the cinnamon tree and has wonderful, sweet and delicate flavor. Tastes delicious when sprinkled over deserts, especially chopped apples. Has many medicinal properties that include improving your blood circulation and reducing gas and bloating.

6. Fresh Raw Garlic

A very effective flatulence reducer that stimulates the gastric juices.

7. Peppermint

Peppermint is a carminative which works by helping the body get rid of excess gas in the stomach and lower digestive tract. Can be chopped up and used in salads. Drinking peppermint tea is a popular way to enjoy this remarkable herb.

7. Probiotics

Probiotic foods such as yoghurt and sauerkraut cabbage can help restore your digestive systems balance of microflora, which are essential for a healthy digestion.

8. Prebiotics

These are carbohydrate fibers that promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut. Once your intestinal flora are balanced the digestive system can perform at a much higher degree of efficiency, which is vital for your overall health.

9. Take A Natural Digestive Health Supplement

Eating a healthy diet consisting of fresh raw fruit, vegetables and wholegrains is the best way to improve your digestive health.

However, not all of us have access to or can afford to buy fresh organic produce everyday. That’s why a good quality digestive health supplement can help.

For your overall digestive health and embarrassing gas problem we recommend Kiwi Klenz.

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Its the only 100 % pure and natural digestive health supplement that truly works to help restore balance to your digestive system.

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