Prebiotic Fiber

Grandma use to say to me – “make sure you eat plenty of fiber” – I would look at her blankly,  not understanding what she meant.

But, I certainly do now!

Dietary fibre is essential for a healthy digestion. Unfortunately, many of us are not getting enough from our diet. A lack of fiber can result in many symptoms including bloating, abdominal pains and intestinal infections.

Prebiotics fibers are found naturally in fruits, raw vegetables and wholegrains and eating them can provide many of us with digestive health benefits.

Growing Epidemic Of Digestive Disorders

Many common digestive disorders afflicting many of us today did not exist 50 years ago. The key reason why, is linked to how our diets have changed since the middle of the last century.

The foods we eat today have become highly processed, they contain high levels of saturated fats, sodium, chemical preservatives and  additives. These processed foods offer us very little if any, nutrients or dietary fibre. Constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, diverticulus, intestinal infections can be linked to a diet  lacking in dietary fiber.

Your Health Begins In Your Gut

The vast majority of the worlds diseases including cancer and heart disease are preventable. Most of these diseases  begin in our gut and are caused by the type of food we eat. This can have a direct impact on how effective our digestion system is at breaking down food, absorbing nutrients and eliminating bacterial waste.

Eating a diet consisting primarily of processed and low nutrition foods, will over time, compromise our digestive system. It will slow it down and weaken it to the point that disease causing bacteria take hold.

Your digestive system can only carry out its three main functions of digestion, absorption and elimination efficiently, if it is balanced. A balanced digestion is when your intestinal tract contains the optimal balance of healthy promotion bacteria. These are your first line of defence against disease causing microbes, virus and yeast infections.

However, these friendly bacteria need a healthy environment to survive and thrive in otherwise, they will easily be over run by the bad bacteria. That is is why you need to feed it a nutrient rich diet containing plenty of prebiotic dietary fibres.

Amazing Benefits Of Prebiotic Fiber

There are two types of dietary fibre – soluble and insoluble – and each one plays a different role in supporting the health of your digestion.

Soluble Fiber

As its name suggests soluble fibre will dissolve in your stomach into a gel-like liquid. Soluble fibers have been known to slow down the absorption of fat molecules, which can help reduce cholesterol. They are also known to slow down the absorption of sugars and carbohydrates, which is beneficial for regulating your blood glucose levels.

cannot be digested and this makes it a very effective at cleansing your colon.

Insoluble Fiber

The difference is that insoluble fibers do not dissolve in your stomach. As they pass through your intestines they absorb water -like a sponge – and this makes the fiber bulkier. Like a sponge, insoluble fiber scrapes away  undigested matter, bad bacteria and toxins from your body. By doing so, insoluble fibre keeps your bowels regular, reduces constipation and lowers your risk of colon cancer. 

Prebiotics are partially insoluble fibre. What I mean by ‘partially’ is that a percentage of fiber is digested while the other remains and acts like normal insoluble fiber. Prebiotics will move through your small and large intestine,where it will ferment and produce nutrients for your probiotics to feed on. So, in effect prebiotics provide the nourishment your digestive system needs for good health.

Prebiotic Fiber Foods To Boost Your Digestions Health

The ideal amount of fiber you should take is around 30 to 35 mgs per day. The best way to obtain this is by eating a range of foods that are rich in dietary fiber.

A few good examples are as follows:

  • artichokes
  • asparagus
  • lentils
  • green beans
  • kidney beans
  • seeds
  • oats
  • raw fruit – kiwifruit and bananas

Vegetables are a high source of dietary fibre however, they are better eaten raw and crunchy. You can cook them, but this should be done lightly, preferably steamed. Cooking vegetables at high temperatures or over boiling them will destroy most their fiber content, nutrients and enzymes.

Prebiotic Fiber Supplements Can Speed Up Change

Rebalancing your digestive system is not going to happen over night. Its going to take time, especially if your trying to reverse many years of eating a poor diet. In times like these we can do with a helping hand and this is where a good quality prebiotic fiber supplement can help. However, you need to be careful when choosing one.

Many prebiotic fiber supplements available on the market have not kept up with the latest scientific research and holistic approach to digestive health. They contain only fiber, which is important, but you are not going to achieve a balanced digestion simply by being regular. Remember, your digestive system has three main functions and elimination is only one of them.

What you also need are digestive enzymes and phenolic compounds. These two will take care of your digestive systems other functions, which are digestion and absorption.

A lack of digestive enzymes results in bloating, excessive gas,indigestion and acid reflux. Even if you eat healthy food, the nutrients will be lost if you can not absorb them and that is why you need more digestive enzymes. They are essential for breaking down food into smaller molecules for the body to digest and absorb.

Phenolic compoundspromote the growth of good bacteria and also inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria. They have also antioxidant qualities that can help support your immune system.

If you are suffering from digestive problems and want to find a natural solution or you just want to fine tune your digestion, then a prebiotic digestive supplement is a great way in helping your achieve that a lot quicker.

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