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Prebiotic Supplements For Weight Loss

Are prebiotic supplements for weight loss any good? Apparently so.

Prebiotics And Weight Loss Studies

A regular intake of prebiotics each day can inhibit certain hormones that affect our appetite and by doing so could help us lose weight – according to a report published in the National Center For Biotechnology Information website.

This included a clinical trial study by the University of Calgary in Canada. The 3 month study involved two groups of adults that were obese in weight. One group was given oligofructose – a prebiotic carbohydrate, while the other group was given a placebo.

At the end of the 3 month trial the group given the prebiotics decreased their weight by one kilo. In contrast the placebo group on average increased their weight by half a kilo.

According to Jill Parnell, who led the trial, concluded the intake of prebiotic carbohydrate fibers had an affect on reducing ghrelin, a hormone associated with hunger. Another significant finding was the effect prebiotics had on increasing the levels of peptide – a hormone associated with feeling full up.

There are a several research findings with similar conclusions about prebiotic supplements having a positive effect on weight loss. These findings come at a time when obesity is now reaching epidemic proportions in this country. This overweight and obesity problem is not isolated to the US – it is becoming a global problem.

Prebiotics – They Have Always Been Here

Basically, prebiotics are carbohydrate fibers found naturally in many raw vegetables and fruits. They have always been here and for years we have been told that eating fiber is an important component in eating a healthy diet.

However, over the last 30 years we have, somehow become confused. What I mean, is that we have lost our way in what we constitute as normal food. For example, we have generations growing up who only recognize food if it comes out of a packet. Their idea of cooking is hitting the microwave button.

This is how far we have removed ourselves from the whole natural foods our bodies were designed for. Instead, we have replaced them with highly processed packaged foods that are full of fat, salt, sugar, chemicals and devoid of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

These foods are making us fatter and unhealthier, but prebiotics can help us reverse this serious problem.

Prebiotics are labeled as soluble fibers and they have the effect of binding to sugar molecules which slows down the digestion of carbohydrates. This effect releases energy gradually, making you feel fuller and less prone to hunger pangs.

You don’t need to take appetite suppression pills or deprive yourself of food as you do on a diet. You just have to eat the right foods.

Why Weight Loss Diets Don’t Work

The weight loss market is huge in terms of size and and sales of weight loss products and diets.  The vast majority of people who buy weight loss products or go on the latest diet are repeat customers. The reason why people are repeat customers is simple – they are the ultimate quick fix – but in reality, diets do not make you lose weight permanently. 

Weight loss diets are designed to make you fail because you have to deprive yourself of the food you want. This deprivation requires willpower – and you can only sustain willpower for so long. Even if you successfully lose weight, then what do you do next?

The new fad diet does not have an end goal or long term strategy. Once you lose the weight that’s it – you are on your own – left with the voice inside your head saying ‘what’s next? What happens next is that the vast majority of people put the weight back on and in many cases become heavier.

This yo-yo effect has a negative impact on your digestive health, which ironically makes you more susceptible to weight gain. Diets can upset the fragile balance of your intestinal flora which are essential for eliminating unwanted fats.

As these beneficial bacteria become eroded due to dieting and unhealthy eating habits more calories are then absorbed by the body making you fatter.

The Natural Way To Loose Weight

Depriving yourself of certain foods while on a weight loss diet can be very difficult. For that reason, prebiotic supplements for weight loss can offer a much easier and natural way to help you control and maintain a healthy body weight.

There are several supplements available however, many of them are not created equally in terms of quality. Many use limited forms of dietary fiber such as inulin and oligofructose as well as bulking agents that can cause uncomfortable side effects.

When choosing a quality prebiotic supplement they should meet the following criteria;

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • no additives, bulking agents or artificial fillers
  • high concentration of prebiotics
  • contains phenolic compounds and dietary fiber
  • digestive enzymes should be intact
  • iron clad guarantee and refunds policy

Use this checklist and take the time to research before buying prebiotic supplements for weight loss. If you do not have the time, we have already done this time consuming research for you.

We have found only one prebiotic supplement that meets all these criteria and that supplement is Kiwi Klenz. This premium quality digestive health supplement is made entirely from highly nutritious kiwifruit.

This superfood is low in fat, low in carbohydrates and is a rich source of prebiotics, anti-oxidant phenolics, colon cleaning insoluble fibers – plus enzymes to improve nutrient absorption.

Xtend Life – the creators of Kiwi Klenz – use a cold water extraction process that preserves the fragile enzymes and nutrients often destroyed by high temperature extraction processes utilized by other supplement manufacturers.

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