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Probiotics For Constipation Children

If you have kids you will understand the frustrations of potty training and the dismay of hearing your child straining to squeeze one out in the toilet. Ah…… the joys of parenthood!

Probiotic drinks and supplements have been promoted for many years as a solution to the problem of many digestive disorders, including constipation in adults. Many of these products are now been repositioned as probiotics for constipated children.

Childhood constipation is a common problem many of us parents have to deal with. There are many factors why this can happen. For many children it can take a while for them to get use to their bowel movements. At this earlyb stage they are not aware or do not understand its importance or what they have to do.

Many children deliberately hold their stool. They do this when they are in unfamiliar surroundings, or have to use someone else’s  toilet. Some toddlers will even withhold their stool, so it does not interrupt with an activity they are enjoying – talk about getting their priorities mixed up!

When your child continually withholds their stool it becomes hard and newer stools begin to pile up behind it. In many cases, if the newer stools are softer, they can leak past the hardened stool and this can often be mistaken for diarrhea. When they try to go the hardened stool can be quite painful to excrete.

Can Probiotics For Constipation Children Help

The human digestion system houses millions of bacteria both good and bad. The good bacteria which can also be called probiotics are essential for keeping our digestion system balanced and healthy. The body can make its own good bacteria however, probiotics can be created outside of our bodies through the fermentation of certain foods.

The most common external probiotic strains added into yogurts and dietary supplements are Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium and L.Bulgaricus. The theory behind these probiotics is to help replace the resident probiotics within our intestines that have been lost due to poor diets,infections stress or the intake of antibiotics. |


A recent study conducted in Amsterdam revealed that probiotics had little affect in helping to improve children with constipation. Children who took part in the study had chronic constipation and over a 4 week period one group was fed probiotic yogurt and the other group ordinary yogurt.

The children who ate the probiotic yogurt noticed a slight improvement in their bowels as did the children who ate the ordinary yogurt. The study concluded there was insufficient evidence that probiotic yogurt for constipation in children has a beneficial effect.

Healthy Diet With Plenty Of Prebiotics Can Help Your Child GO

If your child’s constipation is a result of fear or a lack of confidence, then continually reassuring them and educating them on the importance that it is better out than in,  will eventually help them overcome their fears and self doubt. For most kids this will be a gradual thing, until they build up enough confidence to overcome it.

However, children with constipation can be the result of a eating a poor diet. As parents – its hard to find the time to prepare healthy meals for the whole family – and the constant bombardment of commercials promoting sugar coated snacks and the latest deep fat fried pizzas is not making it easier!

The reality is that processed and fatty foods are hard for you and your little one to digest. These foods also make the environment within the digestive tract more acidic. The more acidic it is, the more bad bacteria will thrive.

You are what you eat and this also applies to your kids. A diet that is lacking in nutrition  and dietary fibre will increase constipation in children. This can lead to further health problems if left untreated.

For example, slow moving stools remaining in the colon for more than 48 hours begin to fester and give off toxic microbes that can attack the intestinal wall. This can lead to food allergies and eczema and skin allergies.

For this reason you make sure you add more portions of fresh fruit and vegetables to their diet. Try and cut out the daily candy and chocolate fix and limit these to treats for weekends and special occasions.

Prebiotic fibre helps cleanse the colon and

keeps the bowel movements regular

Prebiotics are a very important form of fiber that play an essential role in you and your child’s digestive health. Prebiotics ferment in the small intestine and this secretes highly nutritional food that feeds and strengthens your friendly bacteria.

Man made probiotics that are found in yogurts and supplements are easily destroyed, especially if the intestinal environment is too acidic. Prebiotics help to rebalance this acidity by making it more alkaline and by doing so, encourage the growth and multiplication of your good bacteria.

You may want to consider using a natural prebiotic supplement to help improve your child’s constipation. The one  we recommend is MX Kiwi Biotic. It is totally natural – no additives, preservatives or fillers – just 100% pure kiwifruit.

The kiwifruit is highly nutritious – having high levels of vitamin C – but also rich in prebiotics, dietary fibre and digestive enzymes. Maxalife who make MX Kiwi Biotic use a special water based extraction procedure that captures all this goodness without destroying it. A skill that is very rare in the probiotic supplement market.

If your children have been filling up on too much junk food and are desperately seeking relief from the constant straining each time they need to go, then have a closer at MX Kiwi Biotic – you never know your kids may even thank you for it.