Probiotics Help Acne

Many acne sufferers are asking can probiotics help acne. Over the last decade probiotics have been linked to several health benefits. In this article, we take a closer look at the health benefits of probiotics and other natural acne solutions.

Probiotics And Acne

First of all, lets explain what probiotics are. There are actually two types. You have probiotics that are produced by your body and live in your small and large intestines. The other type of probiotics are created from fermented milk products like yogurt and kefir.

Probiotics are living micro-organisms or beneficial bacteria that support your digestive and immune system. They are vital for our health as they control the growth of harmful and disease causing bacteria that also grow in your intestinal tract.

The the state of your digestive system has a direct effect on the health of your whole body. In fact, all disorders and diseases originate there. As long as you have a plenty of beneficial bacteria you will remain healthy.

Now, you maybe thinking – what has acne – got to do with my digestion system? Quite a lot actually.

You see the balance of your good bacteria can easily be put at risk. For example, common antibiotics taken for acne such as tetracycline or erythromycin can be effective at killing bacteria around the infected area, but these anti-biotic’s are indiscriminate, meaning they also kill the good bacteria.

All diseases can be linked back to an imbalanced digestive system. An imbalance is This is when our good bacteria become eroded due to poor diet or the use of antibiotics. This leaves the way open for harmful bacteria to spread and overrun the digestive tract.

Once these bad bacteria take hold, they can inflame and damage the lining of the gut wall. This eventually leads to intestinal infections and the overgrowth of yeast infections such as Candida, which are well known to increase outbreaks of acne.

Furthermore, an overgrowth of harmful bacteria and toxins interfere with the digestive systems ability to absorb nutrients, vitamins and minerals into our cells. This causes a state of malabsorption that weakens your immune system and increases the risk of food allergies, digestive disorders and acne.

Taking Probiotics For Your Acne

Probiotic Drinks

There are a variety of ways that you can take probiotics to help acne. The most common is to take it orally with probiotic drinks or supplements. Yogurt based probiotics are the most popular and our widely available in supermarkets.

Its important to point out that most probiotic drinks are derived from cows milk. If you have a lactose intolerance, it would better to choose from a range of non dairy probiotics. These are often made from soy milk, rice milk or coconut juice.

When choosing a probiotic drink or yogurt, make sure it is bio-live and contains the probiotic strains lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacteria. Avoid yogurts containing sugars as this encourages the growth of yeast.

Probiotic Supplements

Again, a huge range to choose from. Many nutritional experts recommend that you take a supplement that contains a variety of strains as this is believed to provide the most benefits to your digestion.

If the acidophilus pills are not micro-encapsulated or uncoated, then take one before your meal, otherwise the  excess gastric acid in your stomach will destroy the fragile probiotic bacteria.

Probiotic Acne Creams

Acne skin care creams containing probiotics are relatively new but a greater a variety are becoming available. The Epicuren Acidophilus Probiotic Facial Cream has received good reviews. This particular acne treatment has helped people clear or manage their acne by killing the build up off bacteria around the infected area.

This cream is formulated for problem skin and certain adult and teenage acne. It also contains the probiotic strain acidophilus.

Use Prebiotics To Boost Your Probiotics

Although the theory behind probiotics is a good one, many of the health claims about whether external probiotics help acne are still not clinically proven. This has led to to alternative approach among a growing number of experts within the field of health and nutritional.

This new way of thinking supports the view that a more effective and natural approach to acne treatment is by  strengthening the potency of existing healthy bacteria that are already residing in the gut, rather than the hit and miss approach of using external probiotics.

It turns out, the best way to do this is by including more prebiotic fiber into your diet. Prebiotics occur naturally and are found in whole foods that include raw vegetables and fruit. These fibers are insoluble, which means they can be digested or absorbed by the body. However, they ferment as they pass through your small and large intestine.

As these prebiotics ferment they provide nutrients for your healthy gut flora to feed on. By doing so, they become stronger and begin to multiply. This enables your good bacteria to fight back, kill the yeast infections and acne inducing bacteria and take back control of your digestive system.

For this reason include more raw vegetables and fruits into your diet. We also recommend you compliment your diet with a quality digestive health supplement with a high concentration of prebiotics such as MX Kiwi Biotic. This supplement is completely natural as it is made from the highly nutritious and prebiotic rich kiwifruit.

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