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Will A Protease Supplement Solve My Digestive Problems

What is Protease

Before we discuss protease supplements, lets first of all explain what enzymes are. Digestive enzyme are responsible for breaking down foods into smaller molecules so the body can easily digest and absorb them into the blood stream.

However, our body produces different strains of enzymes that breakdown specific nutrients. For example, protease is the enzyme that digests protein.

Protein is essential for our body because it’s needed for the growth and repair of our

  • bones
  • muscle tissue
  • hair
  • nails and
  • teeth

Protein is also important for eliminating toxins from our blood.  All cellular activity in the body including the digestive system require proteins to function effectively.

However, our body cannot absorb protein in its original form. It requires protease to convert proteins into amino acids which can then be assimilated into our cells.

The body produces its own protease enzymes in the pancreas. From there, protease is released into the small intestine where it breaks down the proteins and absorbs them into the bloodstream.

Do We Need Protease Supplements

If we produce are own protease enzymes why do we need protease enzyme supplements?

A good question and the – simple answer is no – you don’t really need them.

The only time you would require proteolytic enzymes supplements is when your body is severely deficient in digestive enzymes. This can happen as the body looses its ability to produce enzymes as we get older. For this reason, we can experience more digestive problems as we get on in years.

Another factor that can affect the body’s production of protease is eating diets that consist mostly of processed foods. These foods contain little to no traces of digestive enzymes because they are destroyed due to the high temperatures used during pasteurization.

Foods containing no enzymes are harder for the body to digest which results in more demands being put on the pancreases to produce enough enzymes. Over time this eventually burns out and enlarges the pancreas which is a very serious health condition.

The Problem With Digestive Enzyme Supplements

One of the key reasons that limit the effectiveness of protease digestive enzyme supplements is the intestinal tract cannot effectively assimilate the enzyme into the cell.

The protease enzymes used in supplements are derived from either animal or vegetable proteins. The problem with these enzymes is when they are ingested the stomach enzyme pepsin recognizes them as normal food proteins and digests them!

Why A Prebiotic Supplement Is Better A Choice

As with all protease supplements they only consist of one component – enzymes. We know enzymes are important, but on their they cannot rebalance your digestive system.

To achieve this you need you need a combination of nutrients – including enzymes – that work together to deliver optimal health.

These 4 nutrients include;

  • Prebiotics – soluble fibers that aid digestion and absorption by feeding and strengthening your intestinal flora
  • Phenolics – anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant flavonoids that kill harmful bacteria and protect the immune system
  • Dietary fiber – the ultimate colonic cleanser that banishes pathogenic microbes from the colon and keeps you regular

In our opinion there is only one prebiotic and enzyme supplement currently on the market that provides you with a holistic approach to digestive health and that is MX Kiwi Biotic byMaxaLife of New Zealand.

This natural prebiotic supplement is made entirely from one of natures greatest superfoods – the kiwifruit. Not only rich in the anti-oxidant vitamins C and E and minerals potassium and magnesium, the kiwifruit also contains the 4 components for total digestive health.

However, what really makes MX Kiwi Biotic stand out is the way the natural enzymes are extracted from the fruit. MaxaLife uses a unique water based extraction process that preserves their natural structure and potency. This is unlike other protease enzyme supplements that use heat treatment, which destroys the fragile enzymes.

If you’re looking for a natural supplement that will improve your absorption of protein and rebalance your digestive system, then we suggestion you take a closer look at MX Kiwi Biotic today – you won’t be disappointed.