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How Effective Are Prunes For Constipation

Being constipated ain’t fun and this common affliction is primarily caused by the food we eat.

Too much processed and fatty foods create a sluggish digestive system that slows down our bowel movements.

Being constipated isn’t life threatening, but if its left untreated it can lead to more chronic problems, diseases and even increase your risk of bowel cancer.

Prunes – Natures Very Own Laxative

Fruits are high in dietary fiber which makes them an effective and natural way get you bowels moving again. However, prunes or dried plums can give you an extra push as they contain a natural laxative called dihydrophenylisatin.

It turns out that prunes also contain soluble and insoluble fibers which are also beneficial to your digestive health.

Soluble fibers are partially digested in your body where they’re converted into a gel like substance. If you’re colon absorbs too much water the stool becomes hard and dry.

However, soluble fiber helps to keep the moisture within the stool so that it remains soft.

It turns out that prunes are rich in the insoluble fiber sorbitol which can’t be digested in the body. While moving through your colon these fibers take on water and bulk up in size.

A bulkier stool stimulates the walls of the intestinal tract which has the effect of speeding up your bowel movements and making you more regular.

As a natural laxative, prunes don’t produce any major side effects unlike over the counter laxatives available at pharmacies.

Prunes are also very versatile to eat. They can be eaten on their own or with nuts as as a healthy snack and they can be chopped up and scattered on your breakfast cereal.

Prune juice is a refreshing healthy drink that is widely available in health food stores and like our grandmothers did many years ago, stew prunes to make a sweet delicious jam.

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