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How Effective Are Prunes For Constipation

Can You Can Take Too Much of A Good Thing

Although natural, prunes do have side effects, but they are more embarrassing than serious.

Due to their high dietary fiber content, prunes can lead to excessive gas and stomach cramps.

If you experience this when eating dried prunes try the juice as it can be easier on your stomach.

Prunes also contain oxalate’s which are mitochondrial toxins that can affect the absorption of calcium in the bones. There may also be a link to high doses of oxalate causing kidney stones.

In a healthy body these oxalate’s are passed out through the urine, however these can build up if the body is weaker.

If you’ve a history of kidney stones it may be wise to speak to your doctor for advice before taking prunes.

But for most people oxalate’s shouldn’t be a problem and the thing to remember when  eating any type of food is that – moderation is key.

If your constipation is caused by irritable bowel syndrome, then prunes are best avoided.

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