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What Is Secretory Diarrhea And How To Treat It?

Diarrhea causes loose or watery stools as a result of too much water in the bowel. Secretory diarrhea is caused when the body secretes water into the bowel when its not suppose to, this excess water results in a water stool.

In most cases gastrointestinal types of diarrhea is caused by something we eat. For example, with a lactose intolerance its the lactose in the milk that causes the body draw water into the bowel.

However secretary diarrhea is different because its the body itself , via the secretory cells, that secrete water into the bowel – when its not suppose to.

Secretory Diarrhea Causes

The most common causes of secretory diarrhea are bacterial or viral infections, diseases and certain medications.

Bacterial and Viral Infections

Pathogenic bacteria such as the infamous E.Coli are well known causes of secretory diarrhea. Other toxic bacteria contained in uncooked food is also a common cause of the runs.

Many people who visit developing countries with poor sanitation often fall victim to food poisoning and travelers diarrhea after eating contaminated food.


One of the most common causes is cholera. Although this debilitating and even fatal disease is unheard of in the Western world, its a constant threat to many in the developing parts of the world.

Adverse Reaction To Medicine

Certain drugs such as antibiotics, or medications to treat inflammatory bowel diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, depression and asthma could increase the secretion of water in your intestinal tract resulting in more  watery bowel movements.

These symptoms can be reduced by lowering the dosage amount or changing to a different treatment.

Secretory Diarrhea Treatment

In most cases the best way to treat secretory diarrhea is to let nature take its course. However, the following guidelines will also help you.

High Fiber Diet

Increasing your intake of dietary fiber will help by absorbing the excess water that is caused by the diarrhea. Rich sources of dietary fiber can be found in raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and wholegrains.

 OTC Medications

You can use over the counter medications to relieve some of the symptoms, however its best to get advise from your doctor first, especially if you’re already taking medications.

Common diarrhea medications include bismuth subsalicylate. This ingredient rebalances the fluids in the colon and helps prevent bacterial infections from spreading. Well known brands that include bismuth subsalicylate are Pepto-Bismo and Kaopectate.

Loperamide slows down the transit time or bowel movements, however they’re not recommended for secretory diarrhea because loperamide can prevent your body from flushing out the bacterial infection causing the diarrhea.

If the pain is severe your doctor may prescribe a course of antibiotics to kill off the bacteria.

Cut Out Diary Products

I’ve mentioned it before, but you may want consider cutting out dairy products and see if that makes a difference. One of the most common causes of diarrhea is lactose intolerance.

Our bodies produce the enzyme lactase which converts lactose into sugars so the body can digest it. However, with age the body produces less lactase which makes us more prone to bouts of diarrhea, especially as we become older.

Rehydration solutions

Dehydration is a major concern with diarrhea due to the large amount of body fluids that can be lost. For this reason, its very important that you drink plenty of fluids, especially fresh clean water.

In severe cases with water alone is not enough to replace the lost electrolytes. These are sodium and potassium and are vital for cell and nerve function. To replenish these you need to take a form of oral rehydration which you can buy.

You can make your own and The World Health Organization recommends that for every litre of water you mix in six level teaspoons of sugar and one level teaspoon of salt. Its very important that you get the measurements right as too much salt and sugar can make the diarrhea worse.

If the condition is chronic and is accompanied by severe abdominal pain, vomiting and blood in the stool, then see a doctor immediately.

Rebalancing Your Good Bacteria

All digestive diseases and disorders including diarrhea begin with an unbalanced digestive system.

Unbalanced means you don’t have enough beneficial bacteria to protect you from the constant threat of harmful and disease causing bacteria.

A lack of good bacteria also weakens your immune system which makes you more susceptible to pathogens such as E.coli and rotavaris. These nasty bugs are the major causes of secretory diarrhea.

Restoring balance to your digestive system will not only reduce the risk of diarrhea it will also improve your overall health and energy.

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