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Best Stool Softening Foods For Constipation Pain Relief

Dry hard stools that are painful to pass are a sure sign of constipation.

The fact is, straining to get one out is an increasingly frustrating problem for both adults and children and a clear sign their digestive systems are unbalanced.

In addition to dry stools and irregular bowels movements, there are the symptoms of bloating, excessive gas, and lower abdominal pains that can indicate constipation.

If these symptoms become persistent they can indicate an underlying health problem that needs to be checked out by your doctor.

Unfortunately, many people resort to the quick fix approach of relying on over the counter laxatives such as the Dulcolax stool softener.

These are fine as long as you only use them for a few days. They shouldn’t be abused as they’re addictive

Overuse of laxatives can disrupt your natural bowel movements turning your constipation into a chronic condition.

The best and most effective way for long term relief of constipation are natural stool softening foods.

Turn to the next page and find examples of the best natural stool softener foods to help you become more regular.

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