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Best Stool Softening Foods For Constipation Pain Relief

Natural Prebiotics

You’ve probably heard of probiotics, but what about prebiotics?

Whether you’ve heard of about prebiotics or not,  there is one thing for sure – they will have your stools soft and regular in no time.

Prebiotics are actually a form of insoluble fiber, but they’re different. When they enter your system they begin to ferment in your lower intestines and this fermentation creates nutrients for your good bacteria to feed on.

Now, these good bacteria are vital to your digestive system. They breakdown your food effectively so that nutrients can be absorbed.

But they do so much more, one of their key roles is to protect your immune system. As long as you have the right bacterial balance your digestive system will work efficiently.

Unfortunately, this balance is easily eroded by a poor diet, lack of exercise, antibiotics and medications. This creates an imbalance, that leads to undigested foods clogging your intestines.

Undigested food eventually putrefies turning it toxic inside your colon and this leads to digestive disorders such as constipation, bloating and excessive gas.

By re-balancing your system the body becomes a more efficient machine making you less prone to infections and disease.

Your body is more efficient at moving waste and preventing the build up of toxins that can leak into your cells making you feel constantly tired and ill.

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