Systemic Enzymes

Before we go into the specifics of  systemic enzymes, lets first of all understand what enzymes are and do.
When we think of enzymes we often associate them with digestion. Although, an important role, enzymes do much more than this. Enzymes are also involved in every chemical process within the body right to down to a cellular level.

Without enzymes these chemical reactions would be slowed down to a snails pace. For example, crossing the kitchen floor may take you 5 seconds, however with no enzymes that same journey could take you 5 hours. Essentially, enzymes speed up these chemical processes so that we can function normally.

The human body has two types of enzymes. There are your digestive enzymes that are secreted in your mouth, stomach and lower intestines. It is these enzymes that digest your food and absorb nutrients.

The other type are your systemic enzymes. The term systemic refers to the whole body and these enzymes are involved in the chemical interactions between your cells, blood, organs, muscles and tissue.

Systemic Enzymes Benefits

Systemic enzymes are protein digesting and are often referred to as proteolytic enzymes. They provide many benefits to your bodies health. Here are just a few examples:

Reducing The Impact of Fibrosis

The term fibrosis refers to the scarring of human tissue. For example, when you cut your finger and the wound heals it will leave a weald of hard skin or a scar. This is called fibrosis. However, fibrosis or the scarring of tissue also takes place within our body and can affect our major organs, arteries, blood vessels and muscles.

Our body’s are constantly in a mode of damage and repair and by the time we reach old age fibrosis, like a spiders web, will have spread through are whole system.

This is in the end shrinks are majors organs and blood vessels to the point where their capacity is reduced. In the end fibrosis will eventually kill us all.

In fact these enzymes play a vital role in reducing the build up of scar tissue. They can do this because scar tissue is a form of protein that systemic enzymes love to eat. Up until we reach or late twenties they do a very good job of reducing the build-up of fibrosis.

Unfortunately, by the time we reach our thirties we have used up a substantial amount of these enzymes. Our bodies realize that if we continue to use up these enzymes at the current rate, the reserves will have run out by the time we reach our mid forties.

To counteract this, our body’s begin to limit the release of enzymes during our thirties. However, this creates an imbalance that increases the rate of fibrosis. This is why cuts take longer to heal and you begin to feel aches and pains in your joints that you never felt in your twenties.

Improving The Elimination Of Toxins

It turns out, proteolytic enzymes have excellent antibacterial qualities. They are also known as natural blood cleansers as they can remove dead cells, toxins, and plaque from the blood.

Not only that, systemic enzymes are also natural blood thinners helping to improve blood circulation and  reducing blood clots.

Reducing Inflammation And Pain

Systematic enzymes are known reduce inflammation and pain which means they have a very good inflammatory reduction qualities. The enzyme serrapeptase, which is derived from the silkworm, has been revealed in a number of scientific studies to be very effective at reducing swelling and inflammation.

Turns out that serrapeptase enzymes are also good at relieving pain, because they have the ability to block pain inducing compounds called amines.

Unlike pain relief medications such as Ibuprofen, systemic or proteolytic enzyme supplements are not chemical based, meaning systemic enzymes side effects are very rare.

Systemic Enzymes And Weight loss

Turns out these enzymes are also responsible for the conversion of energy into cells. This means they improve metabolism rates and help you burn calories more efficiently. They work best with digestive enzymes, especially lipase the fat digesting enzyme.

How To Replenish Your Systemic Enzymes

As you have learned systemic enzymes do a lot of work and are essential to your overall health. But the bottom line is, we need to replenish them as our own reserves are declining.

The best sources are derived from raw organic foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Unfortunately, most of us do not eat enough raw natural foods as we prefer to cook. The problem with cooked food is the natural enzymes  are destroyed by the heat. This means your body has to produce more enzymes in order to digest the cooked food which reduces your own enzyme reserves.

If you do not like the taste of raw foods, then you should consider taking a good quality enzyme supplement. The one we recommend is called MX Kiwi Biotic. This is made entirely from kiwifruit, which is very high in enzymes, vitamins and minerals

MX Kiwi Biotic is completely natural and unlike other enzyme supplements. Its uses a unique cold water extraction process that preserves the delicate enzymes of the kiwifruit.

This means the enzymes remain in the end product, concentrating the whole fruit into a highly concentrated supplement that begins improving your digestive and overall health immediately.

However, MX Kiwi Biotic is more than a quality digestive enzyme supplement, because it contains 3 other digestive health boosting nutrients:

  • Prebiotics – insoluble fibers that feed your probiotic bacteria and are essential for a balanced digestion and strong immune system.
  • Phenolic compounds – these flavonoids occur naturally in the skin of the kiwifruit and their anti-bacterial properties stop the growth of harmful bacteria in your gut. These phenols also have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities.
  • Dietary fiber – essential for cleaning out dead cells, toxins, pathogenic microbes and cholesterol from the colon and if that wasn’t enough, it keeps your bowel movements regular.

If you’re interested in an enzyme supplement that can offer you more to balance your digestive system and help improve your overall health, we suggest that you take a closer look at  MX Kiwi Biotic today.

And you know what?

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