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Advantages Of Vegetarian Digestive Enzymes

In this article we discuss the different vegetarian digestive enzymes and their animal protein counterparts.

But, first of all,

Why We Need Enzymes

Enzymes are essential for our bodies. They enable us to break down fats, proteins and sugars into smaller molecules and therefore, improving the absorption of the nutrients and vitamins into our cells.

What’s more, enzymes are involved in every chemical and cellular process within the human body. They create energy from the food we eat enabling us to see, hear, touch and smell, that’s how important they are.

We can produce enzymes through the salivary glands in our mouth, the stomach and pancreas. Different strains of enzymes break down and digest a specific nutrient.

For example, the lipase enzyme digests fat, protease digests protein and the amylase enzyme digests carbohydrates

Unfortunately, aging and an unhealthy lifestyle diminishes our ability to produce the enzymes we need in old age.

The fact is, our bodies were designed to process natural whole foods, fruits and vegetables for a very good reason. These foods are rich in enzymes that help us break down and absorb nutrients more efficiently.

However, a modern diet of processed foods contains little to no enzymes and this is a major reason why we have a growing epidemic of digestive orders and degenerate disease.

In order to maintain a balanced digestion and stay healthy – natural digestive enzymes – can definitely help you do that.

Animal Versus Vegetarian Digestive Enzymes

The enzyme supplements available on the market today are derived from either animals or plants. Many pancreatin enzyme brands use animal based enzymes.

The enzymes are actually derived from the animals stomach and intestinal canal. The animals used are often cows or pigs.

Obviously, the key advantage for people who don’t eat animal proteins is the fact that vegetarian digestive enzymes are plant based.

But’s that not all, because vegetarian based enzymes have several advantages over animal based enzymes.

Here is just a few of examples;

  • Vegetarian enzymes are more concentrated than animal based enzymes meaning you need fewer capsules to get the same effect.
  • They have a greater range in terms of the environments within the digestive system they can benefit, whereas many animal based enzymes are limited to digesting food in either a highly acidic or an alkaline environment.
  • Vegetarian enzymes are more effective at conserving the body’s energy during the digestive process. This enables the body to refocus more energy on repairing and regenerating cells.
  • Plant digestive enzymes are produced in a safe controlled environment, whereas animal proteins are derived from commercially reared animals that are often exposed to steroids and antibiotics.

Why Enzymes Are Not Enough For Digestive Health

There is no doubt, replenishing digestive enzymes are vital, especially as you get older. But enzymes alone will not balance your digestive system and this is the true barometer of your health.

The problem with many digestive enzyme supplements, including vegetarian varieties, is their lack of supporting nutrients required to actually make them work.

Fact is, most peoples digestive systems are unbalanced. This happens when the fragile balance of beneficial microflora is disrupted due to poor diet, stress and the use of antibiotics.

This encourages the growth of harmful bacteria, which spreads through your intestinal tract creating a highly toxic and acidic gut environment.

In this toxic environment external enzymes have little chance of surviving.

For this reason, a natural supplement with a digestive enzyme complex formula that also incorporates prebiotics  phenolic compounds will have a far greater effect.

Let me explain…

These prebiotics are fermentable fibers that occur naturally in raw fruits and vegetables and are proven to stimulate the growth of your own beneficial bacteria and

In addition, phenolic compounds are powerful antioxidant bioactives that also occur naturally in the skin of fruits and vegetables. Their antioxidant properties inhibit the spread of harmful bacteria through the digestive tract.

The result is that your beneficial bacteria, strengthened by the prebiotics, can once again re-colonize and restore the natural balance to your digestive system.

Kiwi Klenz – Restoring Balance to Your Digestive System

We have researched extensively to find a high quality digestive health supplement that includes vegetarian enzymes,  prebiotics and phenolic compounds.

We could only find one who met this criteria.

And its name is Kiwi Klenz by Xtend-Life.

Xtend-Life are a natural health company based in New Zealand with an excellent reputation for delivering high quality supplements. They take very seriously the quality of the ingredients used in their products.

The company make sure every supplement is free from solvents, heavy metals or chemical pesticides that are often used in other supplement manufacturing processes.

Kiwi Klenz a kiwifruit based supplement, is different to other prebiotics derived from kiwifruit, due to Xtend-Life’s  unique processing system.

This system uses cold water extraction that preserves the prebiotics, phenolics and enzymes to produce a highly concentrated supplement that provides rapid results.

With Kiwi Klenz even the capsules are vegetarian – as they’re made from plant based gelatin. Its the only 100 per cent pure natural prebiotic supplement that really works to restore and maintain complete balance to your digestive system.

To discover more about how people are already benefiting from Kiwi Klenz – I highly recommend –  you check out Xtend-Life’s website today.