What Does Green Poop Mean

green poop

You're freaking out - you've just been to the toilet - and your poop is green!

Of course, you want to know what this means.

As with most things in life we create thoughts in our minds that are much scarier than reality.

In fact, 98% of what we worry about will never happen, but are your green colored poops something you should be worried about?

Let's delve a little deeper and find out.

Possible Causes of Green Stool

A green stool or poop is often the result of a natural process taking place in the body.

Let me explain this further. As part of the digestive process your gallbladder produces a green substance called bile.

The bile is secreted into the small intestine with other enzymes to help digest and absorb nutrients from food.

As digested matter and waste move through the colon it will turn from green to yellow and eventually to brown - which is the normal color for a stool.

Therefore, green poop could mean your stool has moved through your system too quickly for the bile to change it from green to brown. 

In medical circles this is referred to as 'rapid transit time'. That's why diarrhea can look green because it goes through your digestive far more quickly than a normal stool.

What Are You Eating

Eating lots of green leafy vegetables foods such as kale, spinach, cabbage or pak choi can make your poops turn green.

It turns out these foods contain a green pigment called chlorophyll that dyes your stool.

What's more, processed foods, sweets and soda drinks contain artificial colorings and dyes and if you eat a lot of these they can also stain your stool green.

Chronic Digestive Disorders

Did you know the following chronic conditions and intestinal diseases can also result in green bowel movements;

  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Celiac Disease
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Crohns Disease

Most of these conditions can cause inflammation to the lower intestines and disrupt the digestive systems natural bowel movements. For instance, green diarrhea is a common symptom of rapid transit time.

Other Possible Causes

Here are a more reasons why stools turn green;

  • Taking multivitamins or supplements containing the mineral iron.
  • Bacterial or viral infections due to viral gastroenteritis.
  • Food poisoning.
  • Antibiotic medications.
  • Imbalance of micro-flora.
  • Digestive enzyme deficiency.

Most of the time green poop is temporary  and your bowel movements will retain their normal color within a few days, at the most.

On the other hand, if your green bowel movements continue, then speak to your doctor as this may indicate an underlying health condition such as the chronic conditions listed above.

Green Poop Could Mean An Unbalanced Digestive System 

You know what – many of us are completely unaware that are digestive system is unbalanced even if we consider ourselves fit and healthy.

However, our body is constantly dropping us the following hints;

  • fluctuating energy levels
  • nagging headaches
  • foggy thinking
  • aching joints
  • bloating
  • excessive gas
  • constipation
  • mood swings
  • diarrhea

We can consider these as normal because they happen to us so often.

However, these are initial signs that not all is quite right with our digestive system and if left to continue, can lead to more severe and chronic conditions that can impact the quality of our lives.

You Need To Re-balance Your System

To help re-balance your digestion ensure you …..

Add more fiber into your diet – this detoxes your colon and reduces diarrhea because water is absorbed more effectively.

Drink more clean fresh water to ensure the colon has enough to absorb the extra fiber you are eating. This also alleviates constipation and flushes out any built up of toxins, dead cells and bacteria.

Start a regular exercise regime – this increases blood circulation around your abdominal area which helps to stimulate bowel movements and the elimination of waste.

Take a natural prebiotic supplement proven to strengthen and promote the growth of  good bacteria in your digestive tract.

Prebiotics are insoluble fibers that do more than make you regular. They ferment in the small intestines releasing nutrients for the guts micro flora can feed on.

These nutrients enable your micro flora to grow stronger and multiply – ensuring your digestive system absorbs the vital vitamins and minerals – you need for good health and vitality.

Kiwifruit – The Key To A Healthy Digestive System

The humble kiwifruit is one of richest sources of prebiotics, but that’s not all, they’re also abundant in phenolic compounds called flavonoids.

These flavonoids are powerful anti-oxidants occurring naturally in the skin of the kiwifruit and are proven to stop the growth of harmful bacteria spreading through your gut.

When your digestive system is in balance you become healthier and more resistant to nasty infections that can knock you out for days.

Even better, your digestive system is able to absorb more nutrients resulting in more energy, a stronger immune system and healthier brighter looking skin.

Unfortunately, to obtain the optimal amount of these health boosting nutrients you would need to eat between two to four fresh ripe kiwifruit, including the skin each day.

Let’s face it, that’s a lot of kiwifruit and even the most disciplined health enthusiast would soon get tired of eating 2 to 4 kiwifruits with skin a day. Not to mention the cost,  especially with the price of fresh organic fruit these days.

The good news, is that we’ve found an easier and more affordable way for you to obtain the kiwifruits benefits. Its name is Kiwi Klenz, 100 percent natural prebiotic supplement by Xtend Life.

Unlike other kiwi extract supplements, Kiwi Klenz uses the whole fruit, including the prebiotic rich skin, seeds and pulp.

That means each capsule you swallow is highly concentrated and delivers a potent source of digestive health boosting nutrients that enables you to feel results in a matter of days.

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