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Xtend Life Scam – Read This Before You Buy

A Family Run Business Build On Strong Ethics

Unlike many of the huge and faceless corporations that dominate the vitamin supplement market, Xtend-Life are a unique because they are small family run business that was founded by Warren Matthews and his son.

Warren has a massive passion of natural health and his enthusiasm permeates through out the company and the people who work for him.

In fact, Warren is still running  the company and travels over 250,000 miles a year to research and develop the best natural health products for his customers.

One vital reason why Xtend life are certainly not a scam is because when you visit their website, you can see Warren’s face on the home page.

They take the needs of their customers very seriously, and pride themselves of the high levels of customer service they provide. Xtend Life provide you with several ways of contacting them including toll free telephone, email and fax.

There is even a live online help facility so you can have any Xtend Life complaints, questions or answered immediately.

The deciding factor really impressed me about this company are not only their ethics but the principles and core values they’re built upon.

Xtend Life’s Core Principles and Values

Xtend Life Core Values

Side note: To find out more about Xtend Life’s Principles and Values – click here.

As you can see above, Xtend Life’s core values are totally customer based. They are devoted to providing their customers with the most natural and effective supplements to improve their health in the most affordable way possible.

The fact is, there are many supplement companies that bend the truth and even worse, promote products that include inferior ingredients and synthetic bulking agents.

Xtend-life products are 100% natural and they’re completely transparent about the ingredients that go in them. In fact, they Xtend-Life supplements have a ‘true to label’ proof policy that ensures.

  • All ingredients used have a Certificate of Analysis on file confirming their potency.
  • All ingredients are tested prior to manufacture for microbiological contamination.
  • All ingredients, as stated on the Xtend-Life label are present in the stated quantities.
  • Prior to releasing each batch of product, a further microbiological analysis is carried out along with a heavy metal analysis.
  • A comprehensive paper trail documenting these four points is on file for each batch of product manufactured.

Natural Ingredients Carefully Researched

For One of the criticisms of Xtend Life is that can take a long time to develop and launch a new product. However, there is a very good reason for this – unlike many other supplement companies – Xtend Life spend a lot of time researching and testing ingredients to ensure they are safe and effective for their customers.

Each one of our ingredients are strictly reviewed through clinical studies where their individual and synergistic properties are carefully analysed; ensuring that maximum safety standards are adhered to.

This clearly shows the safety of their customers is a number one priority and they will not risk their customers health on theories but on strictly reviewed scientific proof.

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